Monday, June 27, 2011

Traveling on the SCD: Yellowstone Natl. Park

Good morning, foodies!!!
I hope you all had a delightful weekend! :) Perhaps you indulged in a nice helping of creamy banana soft serve. No? Maybe you decided to cook up some grass-fed beef meatballs as a garnish to some hot zucchini noodles. Wrong again?? You must've enjoyed some good old chicken soup then. :) Any of those things (or your own delicious creation) would have been wonderful!!!! Speaking of food, I'm getting ready to go on a trip this Friday to Yellowstone National Park! I've dedicated the entire week to preparing for it. 

Relaxation, rejuvenation, & readiness. My week of "r, r, & r". Nothing too tiring or fatiguing. Definitely very little standing, more walking/sitting/lying down. Fish (wild-caught salmon) will take up majority of my meals, leaving meat consumption for the trip to Yellowstone. Any desire to snack will be fulfilled with chicken soup. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I am willing to do ANYTHING in order to feel as outstanding as possible while in Yellowstone!!!! :) Besides, I need to conserve my energy for Wednesday & Thursday: cooking days!!! A new batch of chicken soup needs to be concocted on Wednesday & all the meat I want to take with me needs to be cooked on Thursday, along with any hard-boiled eggs I want to bring. If I can just stick to the plan, I'll be all ready to go come early Friday morning!!!! 

Before I came up with my stellar plan to cut back on chicken & beef this week, Susie & I bought some bison meat yesterday!!! I made some meatballs & I absolutely loved them!! DEEEELISH!!!! :) Any time I get to introduce a new flavor or texture into my food repertoire without it wreaking havoc on my body, I tend to be pretty ecstatic. Any SCDers out there know exactly what I'm talking about. ;) Yesterday was one of those times!!!!! So for those meat-lovers out there who have maybe not tried bison, I highly recommend it!! Bison meat has loads of protein & iron, but fewer calories than beef & chicken. It's 90% lean!! How can you go wrong? :) I hope some of you are willing to give it a try!!!! Well, I'm off to the kitchen for a dainty bowl of chicken soup. Toodles, foodies!!!!!! <3 

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