Monday, June 13, 2011

Banana Soft Serve (you know it!) & Salmon Zucchini Alfredo :)

Hi foodies!! <3 
So as most of you already know, I am extremely fond (well, before switching to SCD) of ice cream.  The healthiest ice creams I could find from Whole Foods were the only ones that ever made it to our freezer. :) Coconut milk ice cream still tops my favorite list in terms of anything store-bought.  Once I realized none of my favorite dessert was legal on this new food lifestyle, I freaked!!!  What would dinner be like without knowing ice cream would follow?!  Eeeeeek!!!  Being the intense researcher that I am, I poured my heart into finding the ideal replacement no matter what the cost.  Thankfully, the SCD diet isn't exactly all that complicated.  Ice cream was likely to be found in my freezer soon.  In the beginning of the diet, the only real option is to make banana ice cream.  My body can tolerate pears but... Pear sauce ice cream?  Ehhh.  I'll just have to give it a try! :) Anyway, I googled blogger, after blogger, after blogger... They all mentioned their marvelous banana concoction, posting giggle-activating photos that drove me nuts.  It was time to put this nonsense to an end!!  Coming to Denver made it possible.  My amazing aunt Susie has a heaven-sent VitaMix (a should-have for the banana ice cream to be truly the right consistency).  Today was the day!!  "B" Day!!! :)  A few posts ago I might've mentioned making some banana ice cream, but it was purely a slurpee compared to tonight's creation.  I sliced up about 9 ripe bananas this morning, froze them all day, then threw the frozen chunks into the VitaMix.  VOILA!!!!!!!!! :D To my astonishment, the banana bits & pieces swirled around in idyllic harmony.  There wasn't a single note out of tune; my heart was singing!!!!  I stopped the mixer with no hesitation, dove my spoon right down the middle, & my happiness turned into vapor, suffocating me to the point of forced laughter while standing in the kitchen.  I was speechless!!!  Sitting in front of me was a mixer FULL of banana soft serve ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Everything about it was just what I had wished for.  The consistency was a portal into the summer months of my childhood when we used to fight over the last spoonful of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  My life was complete.  Dinner &... DESSERT!!!  <3   

My brunch today was quite phenomenal too. :) Thank the spirits for a powerful microwave!!!!!  I thawed one of my Alaskan salmon fillets overnight last night so I could enjoy it this afternoon.  Looking in the fridge, I remembered the whole bunch of zucchini I needed to eat too!  Then in a quick glance I noticed my last little bit of DCCC: a garnish!!  After patiently preparing the zucchini (peeling, deseeding, cutting, heating to the point of easy digestion...), cooking my tickle-me-pink salmon fillet & ridding it of the fish skin, & scooping out my delicious DCCC, my lunch was READY!!! MMMM!!!!  By far one of the best lunches I've created since arriving in Denver, perhaps before that too!!  SCD never tasted so right. :) 

Well ladies & gents, the SCD is truly a beautiful thing.  It will be hard at times, no doubt.  BUT, we're all in this together.  :)  I mean, what the heck!  I've been on it for almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS now!!!!  I have you guys to thank for that. <3 Just keep in mind that deliciousness is possible & not hard to achieve, either!!!!!  Sleep tight everyone, dream of good health & healthy goods to go with it. 

<3, Allie    

Banana soft serve in the VitaMix (WOWIES!!!!!!!!!!!) Just bananas 

Dainty banana ice cream scoops!! 

My new Alaskan salmon fillet from Costco with 2 zucchini topped with DCCC (MMMM!!) 


  1. Way to go, Allie! Your bananna soft serve looks DELISH! Looks like a VitaMix is in your future.

  2. Thanks Maria!!!! :) It was totally incredible!!!! And yes, you are absolutely right about that!!!

  3. Looks great! Thanks! Where do you get your DCCC?

  4. I got mine from Whole Foods. :) It's hard to come across unless you're in a specialty grocery store like Whole Foods. I hope there's one close to your house so you can indulge in something tasty & cheesy!

  5. And thanks!!!!! :) The ice cream was SO satisfying!