Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 Years

For 19 years I've waited. For 228 months I've suffered. For 6,935 days I've struggled. No more.  Exactly two months ago today, I made a change. My past would cease to linger in my present. I would have the chance to start thinking about my future. No more tears. No more disgust. No more pain. The sun's rays would greet me, not the darkness of my memories. A new life would begin to sprout for me & nothing was standing in the way. 

The SCD diet is my guardian angel. It has truly saved my life. No, I'm not referring to a pill or some life-altering procedure. I'm talking about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The focus, you ask? FOOD. No supplements, no energy drinks, nothing processed or artificially flavored. Just healthy, organic, wholesome food. What a journey. I'm pleasantly exhausted from all the positivity. For the past two months, I've felt the best I have ever felt in my entire life. 

It's actually very hard for me to believe. Everyday since beginning this diet, I have woken up with doubt. I wake up expecting to feel horrible, disapprove of my reflection in the mirror, take hours to pick my clothes for the day, & wish I could be a different person altogether. Then I get out of bed & reality hits. I'm not that girl anymore. I can start each day knowing I'll love what I feel, accept what I see, & enjoy being me. :) Breakfast always follows now with no hesitation. Whoa, let me say that again. I CAN EAT FOOD!!!! I eat a huge breakfast & feel fantastic afterwards. Lunch isn't out of reach anymore either. I'll go as far as admitting that I eat a hefty dinner, too!! And you know something insanely outstanding? NO CONSEQUENCES!!!! I feel normal every time I eat. That's only true if they're the right foods for my body, let me clarify. If it's something my body cannot tolerate (squash for example), then a storm begins to brew. That's the beauty of this diet, though. You take baby steps for about a year, slowly introducing one food at a time back into your food repertoire to see what your cleansed body can/cannot handle. The reaction may be severe & occur at once. For other foods, it might take 3 days. Either way, it's all positive! Knowledge is power. Knowing which foods I can eat & those to avoid is just unbelievable! It makes everything easier. :) 

These past two months have proven to be nothing short of a miracle. I am so proud of myself for choosing to take this leap & never look back again. I've had to embark on this journey alone, fully aware that most people probably won't understand any of it. But that's okay with me. It didn't stop me before, it certainly won't now. I'd rather be content with myself than have to hide & lose touch with who I am on the inside. Besides, I've got my family (Mom, Dad, Susie, Jody, Jon, B & C, Zoie <3) & that's all that matters. My closest friends stood by my side (you all know who you are) & I love them for it. Tiffany, the darling creator of the SCD Support Group on facebook, has been an angel as well. I couldn't have done it without her!!!!!! And from that stemmed other friendships & my confidence began to grow. I found many other SCD bloggers, & I continue to find new ones practically everyday. I can do this. I'm no longer alone. Starting this blog has helped me, too. It'll be moving to read these at the conclusion of my year-long healing process & see how much I've grown/healed/changed for the better. Thank you followers for joining me on my journey to wellness!! :) Cheers to two months down of my 12-month climb!! Off to check on my chicken soup. Then tonight, book signing by Elana from!!! What a perfect way to celebrate my two months!!! Talk to you all later, lovelies. <3 :)  

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