Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brilliant Banana Bliss (yes, I mean ice cream)

Hi foodies!!!  
Today is my fifth day in Denver & I feel incredibly amazing!  :)  Within the past few days, my aunt's kitchen has quickly become my comfort zone & place of ultimate creation.  For breakfast this morning, I felt inspired to make banana ice cream!!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I enjoy dessert for breakfast...  Only on occasion, of course. :) Thinking about the overwhelming heat of the day brought out my inner love for cold, sweet treats.  I know, I know...  Why such excitement over a bunch of ripe bananas?  Well I must tell you, I have a secret ice cream addiction!!!!!!  Since diving into the SCD diet nearly six weeks ago, the one food (well, dessert) I've probably missed the most is ice cream.  Finding a replacement for it seemed like an impossible task.  No dairy, no gums (guar, xantham), no sugars, no artificial flavorings (yuck!), nothing store bought.  How the heck does one make ice cream without any of those supposedly "mandatory" ingredients?  Think again!!!!  Frozen bananas with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon blended until creamy definitely takes the spoon.  The naturally-occurring sugars of the banana mixed with the gentle nudge of cinnamon instantly ignited my taste buds, causing a huge smile to appear on my face.  :)  Nostalgia arrived quickly after.  The SCD would be a piece of cake (banana cake, most definitely) now!!!!!  I had found my ice cream once & for all.  I would've taken a picture but I devoured it too fast.  I underestimated its potent deliciousness so I took on the task without my camera at hand.  Tomorrow I'll be sure to have it with me.  Foodies, I hope this has inspired you all to never give up & remember that SCD does NOT mean you have to go without.  :)  <3 Anything is possible if you've got yourself a fresh batch of imagination & determination at your own free will.       


  1. Hi Allie!

    I am so glad that you're feeling so much better! I am thrilled for you to have found a way of eating that is both satisfying and, most importantly, HEALING!!! Your blog is very enjoyable reading. Your pictures are so amazing that they could be in a food magazine!

    I'm sending you love and big hug, Stephanie

  2. Hi Stephanie!!!!!

    Thank you!!!! :) Yes, that's my ULTIMATE goal!!!!!!! Awww, thanks a bunch! I'm extremely happy to hear that!!!! Thank you, Stephanie! <3

    I'm sending love right back atcha! A BIG hug, too!!!! :) Love, Allie

  3. Just got your blog post off the SCD facebook site - I hadn't thought of frozen Banana's as a ice cream replacement and I'm 8 months into the diet! Thanks!
    UC + SCD =healing

  4. k8- Awesome!!! :) That support group has helped me so much! It inspired me to start my own blog! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new frozen sweet treat!! I found that blending only frozen bananas works the best. Yesterday, out of worry that it wouldn't blend, I added a raw banana as well but the consistency wasn't as ice-creamy as it was today. :) 8 months into it?! CONGRATS!! I can't wait to say the same! You're welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!