Friday, June 17, 2011

Foodie Friday!!! Week 2

HAPPY FRIDAY, foodies!!! :) I hope you all had a marvelous week full of incredibly tasty SCD treats! My best treat this week wasn't a bowl of creamy banana soft serve or a hot salmon fillet with chopped zucchini. It was attending a book signing in Niwot, CO where I had the pleasure of meeting one of my biggest inspirations: Elana Amsterdam from Elana's Pantry!!!!!!!!! How unbelievably cool is that?! Let me tell you the spirits were clearly on my side that evening. 

My aunt & I headed out for the event & immediately hit rush-hour traffic. Then as we closed in, we accidentally missed the road to Niwot! Getting to the signing on time was appearing to be very unlikely! Susie's spot-on sense of direction saved us at the last second. After wheel-clenching traffic & a tricky wrong turn, we arrived only three minutes late!! :) Upon entering, we signed in & each received a raffle ticket for a free copy of Elana's new book "Gluten Free Cupcakes". Ha! Susie & I were reluctant to feel excited; we never win anything!!!! To our surprise, the meeting was being held by the Boulder County Celiacs. A room full of gluten-free foodies, WOW!!! It was a dream come true for us. The Gluten Free Bistro  (congrats to you all for revamping gluten-free goodies!) was there serving freshly baked gluten-free pizza; the tantalizing smell drove my taste buds crazy, but I was okay with that!!! The talk was comforting & familiar to Susie & I. Speaking about Celiac Disease was right up our alley! Then Elana took the stage & discussed her journey with her health & the progress of her amazing blog. It was truly magical!!!!! Then came the drawing for the free book. I was chosen to pick the ticket! What an honor!!! :) The craziest thing happened; the winning numbers I read off belonged to SUSIE!!!!!!! I turned beet red, too shocked to speak. WE WON THE BOOK!! Susie & I overflowed with laughter, unable to comprehend what just occurred. Luck was on our side! I proceeded to get it signed by my gluten-free inspiration. My first autograph from a celebrity! I even got a picture with her! :D We chatted & everything felt right. This was my calling. It gives me chills just talking about it. I also had the opportunity to meet some really lovely women as well. They showed interest in my blog & without a hint of hesitation, I spread the love! I want nothing more than to help others & spread the lessons I've learned about good health, gluten-free, & the SCD. 

Susie & I said our goodbyes & left the room child-like & full of energy. What a night!!! And to top it all off, that was my two-month day: a day I will never forget. I got to spend it with my darling aunt Susie, too! That certainly takes the cake for my SCD treat this week. Now before I type myself silly, here's my "Foodie Friday" question! 

Since starting the SCD diet, what has been your biggest struggle? Explaining it to others? Your constant cravings for illegal foods? Perhaps just having the courage to stick to it? We're all in this together so don't hesitate to ask for help!! :) 

Have an outstanding weekend, foodies!! Cook up something delicious!! :) Can't wait to see your responses!!! 

The happiest girl in the world standing with Elana Amsterdam! 


  1. Great to meet you there! Yes, Elana was awesome!

  2. :) I really enjoyed meeting you as well!!! Yes, wasn't she?! I met my first celebrity!!!! Such a magical night! Hope you're doing well!