Monday, September 9, 2013

You CAN Do This


It’s difficult to admit how tough things are.
You don’t want to bring people down.
Once you say it, it feels REAL.
If you deny it, then you don’t have to face it.
Sometimes this is easier than stepping out of our shell.
We don’t like admitting we’re different.
We’ll never like being different, some days will just be easier than others.
Somedays, you’ll feel like you’ve been run over by a Mac truck.
Those are the days we fear the most.
Those are the moments we hope we survive.
When your level of pain gets you thinking about dying in order to escape the torture, you need some TLC.
When you cry yourself silly, you probably need a hug.
This crap is unpredictable; that’s the nature of this beast.
We never know when we might crash.
We never know what might trigger a negative response.
It could be bright lights.
It could be a funky smell.
It could be standing for too long.
It could be sitting for too long.
It could be carrying a heavy bag of groceries.
It could be staying up too late & losing sleep.
It could be something as harmless as anxiety when running into an old acquaintance who will most likely ask, “How are you?”.
ANYTHING can send our system for a tailspin
If we wanted to avoid all triggers, we’d spend all day every single day home in bed.
The problem with that? NO HUMAN CONTACT! 
Yes, people are medicinal
Without seeing anyone, we might heal physically BUT we won’t heal mentally.
In order to reach full wellness, BOTH needs must be addressed.
If you’re too sick to work, stay in touch with your coworkers
Don’t let them slip out of your life.
If you’re too sick to see anyone, see if they can have a phone chat with you.
Whatever you do, DO NOT let your mind get the best of you.
Write down a list of things that make you smile
Focus on incorporating those things into your wellness plan.
Laugh as much as you can.
Smile like a broken record. 
Text as many people as you’d like.
Take up a new hobby.
Next time you eat soup, invite a friend over to have some with you (if you’re feeling well enough). 
Watch a movie that makes you laugh so hard that you shed a few tears.
Don’t get stuck in the past.
Keep looking forward.
When you’re feeling edgy & ready to eat something wrong, call or text someone. 
Find something you’ve gained from this illness. 
Courage; strength; compassion; determination; an array of emotions; tight relationships; irreplaceable companions; big bags of Epsom salt; copious cups of chicken soup. ;) 
If we’re going to get through this, we have to do whatever we can to keep our minds bright & positive.
That’s the only way we’ll succeed
We cannot let our darkest hours consume us.
We cannot lose our life over these illnesses. 
We must recognize our RIGHT to live a WONDERFUL life, no matter how messed up our body might be.
It’s okay to be sad & feel worn out but don’t let those feelings take up residence in your mind. They should only be temporary tenants.
See? We can do this. We can make it through to the other side. It might require an absurd amount of patience but you CAN do it. 
I’m fighting too, so remember you aren’t alone
There’s strength in numbers, right?