Friday, January 3, 2014

The Food pyramid? PSH.

It's 2014!! A new year! Time to dive into wellness!!! 
Protein shakes?
Fifty miles on the treadmill?
Three hundred push-ups?
Twenty-two miles on the stationary bike? (Been there, DONE that....a BILLION times!)
That's the recipe for success, right?
Or how about those little pills that are supposed to "burn fat"? (HA!!!!)
OH & make sure you have multiple servings of grains every day. 
We have to follow the food pyramid, right? 
What about dairy? Gotta get your cow's milk in for the calcium, right?
Who needs veggies when you can have pasta & garlic bread?
(that's my SCD magic)
Get that nonsense out of your head. 
Don't fall for the colorful (yet deceiving!!) pictures of white bread, angel hair pasta, & a big glass of hormone-infested milk. 
Don't assume your dinner plate has to have something WHITE on it. 
Don't assume that killing yourself at the gym is going to get you somewhere. 
There isn't one right answer.
For some, maybe spending three hours at the gym is OK. 
Maybe splurging on a toasted bagel with shmear doesn't translate to "DEATH SENTENCE". 
This is the dreaded nature of the beast. 
You can look as far & wide as you want but you'll never find it.
You won't find it at the end of a rainbow, along with a big pot of gold.
You won't find it at the bottom of your Lucky Charms cereal box or your bag of Cracker Jacks. 
You won't find it where X marks the spot. 
Trust me, I've looked!!!! 
The trick is.....
Figure out what works best for you & ONLY you.
For me, I have found that the gentler I am on my body, the better off I'll be.
Nothing too extreme exercise-wise, especially. 
 I find that it's a lot easier for me to stay afloat if I keep things neutral. 
As much as I'd like to LIVE at the gym (I sort of have in the past....), I'm not going to do that anymore.
It aggravates my leaky gut.
It messes up my mood.
It pisses off my joints.
It sets my insides on fire. 
It shoots my inflammation levels through the roof. 
It is ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the setbacks.
If you're anything like me & you have "extremist" issues that need to be satisfied, pick up yoga or knitting or crocheting or chess-playing or jewelry-making. 
I'm DEFINITELY not saying you shouldn't exercise. 
It's great for you!!
But, for some of us like myself with super fragile bodies, over-exercise will do more harm than good. 
It's our job to find a happy medium. 
get plenty of sleep. 
Eat SCD (if you can; if your body craves it). 
Take care of yourself. 
You've only got one body! 
Give your body the TLC it deserves. 
That's what I'm doing. 
100% Lyme-friendly/modified SCD. 
Steaks for dinner.
Chicken for dessert.
Lyme meds taken on time WITH food. 
WATCH OUT, 2014.
I'm prepared to win whatever battle you throw at me. 
 Come at me. 
I'm armed & dangerous with copious jars of chicken soup.