Tuesday, November 19, 2013


(First & foremost, SO SORRY for such a big gap between posts. 1a0z,cnbjktly8yitn4pt%60@#*!^azmnpq!)


Before you continue, I want you to ask yourself a few things. Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life? Did things go as originally planned? Are you right on track? Have you missed a beat or has it been smooth sailing?

If you're like me, the answer to those questions would be NO. I'm not at all where I thought I'd be by this age. Things DID NOT go as originally planned. I missed quite a number of beats & it's been far from smooth sailing. 

So, the question is, where do you go from here? Now that you've grown comfortable with coloring outside the lines, what are you going to tackle next?

Well, I've asked myself these "philosophical" questions about a million times. It's part of the package, right? ;) "Is this where I'm meant to be", "is this my destiny", "is this the right career for me", "should I be doing something else that might be better on my fragile health".... The list goes on & on. But seeing how I've been playing this game of tug-of-war for several years now, I've finally learned something. It's not as complicated as we sometimes make it out to be. It doesn't have to be as frustrating as we make it on ourselves. It doesn't have to be a letdown if we stand up & take action. What are you going to do next, you ask? 


How about THAT for an answer? I mean, who in the world ever said we had to have an answer to EVERY question? ;) What if we honestly don't know? Should we feel obligated to fill in the blanks? "Go to school, meet someone, get married, have kids, the end". Is that the happy ending everyone should reach for? What if you know what you want but you aren't sure the timing is right? I KNOW what makes me happy; there is NO doubt about that. But it's not the time for park rangering or zookeepering or archeologisting or bookstoring right now. I'm grateful to be making it through school; wasn't even sure I'd be able to do that. I have to address my health before I take on something as serious as a lifelong career or even a part-time job. I long to work from 9 to 5. There's nothing I want more than that hard adult life like everyone else when Fridays mean confetti drops from the ceiling & a loud speaker starts playing the oldies. BUT I have to take it day by day. Until then, I'll find other littler things to be happy about like...

ItMakesMeHappyCo., sister to my baking company (here's a sneak peek!!)

❤A new rubber band jewelry/accessories company.
❤Trips to the sauna.
❤Cups of hot chicken soup
❤Recently-added movies on Netflix.
❤A cup of wonderfully cold & crunchy ice chips to nibble on.
❤New soft & fuzzy pajama pants.
❤A software update on your phone that makes the widgets/apps look super high-techy. 
❤Salt baths with the light dimmed & a few drops of a gentle essential oil.
❤Road trips that don't end in tears from going off the grid BY ACCIDENT.
❤A nice big bottle of organic lemon juice aka a bottle of CONVENIENCE.
❤Extra zzzzz's.
❤Making new friends every day on my Facebook SCD Support Group Page from all over the world.
❤The best movie under the sun- "You've Got Mail".
❤Retaining information as your brain gets its groove back.
❤Bottles of sparkling water when you've got the itch for something fancy schmancy.


RIGHT NOW, those are the things I cling to. 
RIGHT NOW, those are the things I think about to keep me going. 
RIGHT NOW, the other things are on hold. 
They are NOT FORGOTTEN, just on the back burner until further notice.

And you want to know something? I think I'm finally OK with that. I think I've learned to be relatively content with the rate I'm moving at. I'll cherish the better days & I'll wish away the bad days. I'll keep moving forward toward the greener pasture in my near future. I can just start to see it. Pretty soon it'll come into view & it'll be all that I see; that day will be the most beautiful day of my life & I cannot wait to enjoy it with you guys.

We have to learn to say OK. We have to learn to say ENOUGH. We even have to learn to say SHUT UP. You have to dig real deep into your soul to find those words but it CAN be done.


In the meantime, don't let a second go by without a smile on your face. Find something to trigger that grin. ANYTHING. A movie, a best friend, a cute pet, a new rubber band bracelet, :) a walk outside.... It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it works for you. 

I know you hear this all the time but it never gets old. DON'T QUIT. I'm rooting for you. Aways have, always will. 

Lots of love, Allie

PS A WHOLE LOT more to come!! I've got some blogging "catching up" to do!