Friday, December 18, 2015

Lucky #7

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 
As of right now, there are only SeVeN classes standing between me and my... 
BaChElOr'S DeGrEe. 
Seven years later, after countless days and nights spent working hard on assignments, I will earn my Undergraduate Degree next October in Communications Studies with a minor in Journalism.  
After having no choice but to drop out of school my freshman year, starting the SCD, tweaking the SCD, launching and then being forced to close my own baking company, launching this life-saving blog and support page, attending a community college for 3.5 years and earning my Associate's Degree in General Studies, dreadful weight-gains, multiple trips to the ER, kidney stones, hives for over two months, never-ending food-allergy experimentation, two blackouts, countless wishes for a different body, gallons of tears shed, bizarre medical mysteries, a Chronic Lyme diagnosis (ten years after the tick bite, as well as multiple misdiagnoses), and meeting the love of my life,
"I am finally going to be a COLLEGE GRADUATE." 
It hasn't been smooth-sailing. 
I've wanted to give up numerous times.
Switching to an entirely online program was not an easy decision. 
It's been a lonely journey.
I've had to walk away from dream jobs/internships.
I've watched my social life disappear right in front of me.
My body has pushed me to the edge more times than I can count. 
The years have been sprinkled with severe flares at the most inconvenient of times, some of which left me on the bathroom floor all night, shivering like a leaf in the wind. 
I've had to ask for extensions at times because I couldn't push through the hip pain, or the brain fog, or the pain in my gut. 
But, I have never quit. 
I have continued to put one foot in front of the other. 
I have not stopped looking forward and imaging the finish line within my reach. 
I have not stopped believing that I can beat my body at its vicious game. 
And, here I am, beating my body and approaching the finish line. 
After all these years. 
After seeing countless friends move into the next phase of their life, while I sit over here, slowly plugging away at this one. 
It's about to be my turn to move into the next chapter. 
I told my body that it could try to beat me, but I would do anything to prevent that from happening. 
I told the bugs that they could try to stop me, but I would never let them win. 
So, here I am. 
Waiting for my last spring semester as an undergrad. 
Waiting for my last summer class as a Communications Studies major. 
Waiting for my last fall semester before reaching the finish line.
OcToBeR oF 2016
That's my target
That's when I'll finally be face-to-face with the finish line. 
That's when this chapter of my life will finally come to a close.
Some say I'll be sad to see it end. 
NOPE. I won't be sad, but I'm sure the bugs will be. 
 At that point, they'll know that they lost this fight and I WON. 
At that point, I will have...
My message to you: always fight. Always push for what you want, even if the bugs try to stand in your way
~Souper Douper SCDer~