Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ups, downs, & the in-between

Seafood craziness. DELISH!!!!! 

Ground chicken thigh nuggets with zucchini. Cute & fun to eat! 

Roasted chicken: my favorite! 

Mock Italian anyone? No one said pasta couldn't be green. 

TOO good to be true. 

If it's not one thing, it's another. A lesson in life I'm struggling to accept. On a Tuesday, it could be too many carbs. On that Saturday, it could be my new body lotion (that's already 'everything-free'/gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, & so forth). Or maybe even just too much standing on that particular day. Or not enough water. Or the bright lights in a store. Or the toxic smells from a clothing department. Or an overindulgence of a REALLY tasty food you know you can eat but you just don't know when to stop. Whatever the culprit may turn out to be remains unknown until it's too late to deny it. Before you have time to decide if you feel like fighting off an auto-immune response, you're smack-dab in the middle of one. If I had to single out the most important thing this way of eating has taught me, it would have to be this ugly truth; life isn't perfect. Life isn't perfect no matter how much you want it to be. Life will never come without bumps. SO, you have to take your great days & run with them! :) 

We haven't talked at all since the night of New Year's Eve thanks to those bumps I just mentioned. School has started back up (we've got a love/hate relationship), a new job at my college bookstore has begun, my "no time of the month" ordeal has not been resolved (thanks a lot, body), & my severe case of inflammation from head to toe has refused to kick the can. But I am doing EVERYTHING I can to smile, look on the bright side, enjoy each day, & live my life to the fullest. It's required some extra effort on my part such as taking more time for myself but it's worth it. I hate when my heart & my mind are in two different places. I'm torn!!!! Then I hop onto my computer, check my support group page, & am immediately reminded of what's most important to me. It's healthy distractions like the page, my blog, a book, or a movie that I have clung to most often lately when I've been in a real pickle. I just have to tell myself it will pass. Nothing is forever!!!!! 

If I've explored all those options & am still in need of a pick-me-upper then I usually venture into my kitchen, camera in hand, ready to create & capture something magical. Taking photos of everything I cook is somewhat of a form of therapy for me, I will admit. :) It gives me something to focus on other than reality that's sitting right in front of me. My most recent picture of the dollop of peanut butter is my favorite. Peanut butter takes the cake for the tastiest snack on the planet that's SCD-legal. I am LOVING it!!!!!!! I have to beware of eating too much though because I don't want to run into problems. I'm trying, I tell you! It's hard to turn down a spoonful! 

Well it's past 10 now which means it is definitely time for bed!!!! I would chat a bit more but while I'm struggling, sleep is crucial! I hope you enjoy my appetizing photographs. Look out for others later this week! Sleep tight & once again, thanks for listening. Please feel free to share what you do to cope when the going gets tough.