Monday, June 27, 2011

Traveling on the SCD: Yellowstone Natl. Park

Good morning, foodies!!!
I hope you all had a delightful weekend! :) Perhaps you indulged in a nice helping of creamy banana soft serve. No? Maybe you decided to cook up some grass-fed beef meatballs as a garnish to some hot zucchini noodles. Wrong again?? You must've enjoyed some good old chicken soup then. :) Any of those things (or your own delicious creation) would have been wonderful!!!! Speaking of food, I'm getting ready to go on a trip this Friday to Yellowstone National Park! I've dedicated the entire week to preparing for it. 

Relaxation, rejuvenation, & readiness. My week of "r, r, & r". Nothing too tiring or fatiguing. Definitely very little standing, more walking/sitting/lying down. Fish (wild-caught salmon) will take up majority of my meals, leaving meat consumption for the trip to Yellowstone. Any desire to snack will be fulfilled with chicken soup. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I am willing to do ANYTHING in order to feel as outstanding as possible while in Yellowstone!!!! :) Besides, I need to conserve my energy for Wednesday & Thursday: cooking days!!! A new batch of chicken soup needs to be concocted on Wednesday & all the meat I want to take with me needs to be cooked on Thursday, along with any hard-boiled eggs I want to bring. If I can just stick to the plan, I'll be all ready to go come early Friday morning!!!! 

Before I came up with my stellar plan to cut back on chicken & beef this week, Susie & I bought some bison meat yesterday!!! I made some meatballs & I absolutely loved them!! DEEEELISH!!!! :) Any time I get to introduce a new flavor or texture into my food repertoire without it wreaking havoc on my body, I tend to be pretty ecstatic. Any SCDers out there know exactly what I'm talking about. ;) Yesterday was one of those times!!!!! So for those meat-lovers out there who have maybe not tried bison, I highly recommend it!! Bison meat has loads of protein & iron, but fewer calories than beef & chicken. It's 90% lean!! How can you go wrong? :) I hope some of you are willing to give it a try!!!! Well, I'm off to the kitchen for a dainty bowl of chicken soup. Toodles, foodies!!!!!! <3 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Soup it up!!!!! (aka Foodie Friday: Week 3!!!!)

Well hello, darling foodies!!!! :) 
Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I hope each of you had a beautiful week full of delicious, heart-warming, tummy-friendly meals. I've actually been extremely tied up in the kitchen lately, which isn't a bad thing. Most of my daytime activities take place in the kitchen. I cook/prepare breakfast, I fix a snack/lunch a bit later in the afternoon, then I begin to make/assemble dinner which is usually quite time consuming!!! It seems that I eat more than anyone else in this household!!! The SCD diet is truly an eye-catcher, let me tell you. My cousins Jody & Jon are especially shocked to see how much meat I consume in comparison to them. It's shockingly MARVELOUS!!!! :) I soak up all the glory for my well-oiled machine of a body. Rock on, new gut!!!!!!! I eat numerous chicken thighs per week, plus multiple pounds of ground beef meatballs. In addition to that, I also happily devour tons of eggs!!!!! Oh, and several salmon fillets each week as well! What's the best part, you ask? I'm proud to admit that I feel absolutely amazing!!!! These past few days have been slightly rocky for my legs though (darn inflammation!!), so chicken soup shall be my meals for a little while. On a more positive note, I introduced canned sardines the other morning & found them to be utterly divine!!!! Quite similar to tuna in my opinion!!!! :) I'm always looking for travel-friendly foods & sardines are a perfect fit! Although, I'm much more excited about my fresh batch of chicken soup (notice the SPANKIN' NEW POT!!!!!). The soup heals EVERYTHING. I wish I could give you all the pleasure of taking in the glorious smell it released while simmering for 4 wonderful hours. MMMMMM!!!!!!! :) 

As much as it pains me to end this post, my organic cotton bed is speaking to me. It is quite late here in Denver (almost midnight!!!) & my extensive amount of cooking has taken a toll on my energy!!! Before I go, I shall leave a "Foodie Friday" question. :) 

How is everyone (you non-SCDers!!) doing? Any new SCDers out there? :) Let me know how you all are feeling, how magical this process has been for you. 

Goodnight, my supporters & fellow SCDers!!!! <3 Sleep tight!! (can't wait to see your responses to my question of the week!!) :)

My new 16 qt. pot!!!!! :D 
Healing chicken soup ready for prep

Pureed carrots with a spoonful of broth for flavor mixed in. Totally DELISH. :) I add this to the broth the next morning after the fat's been scraped off the top. 

My latest new food!!! Perfect for travel!!!!! :) Great protein & Omega-3's!!! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My "Disappearing Meatballs"

Why hello there, foodies!!!!! :) 
How was your weekend?! I hope it was magical, but I doubt it can beat my adventures! We went to the "Rocky Mountain Arsenal: National Wildlife Refuge" on Saturday in search of burrowing owls. It was a SUCCESS!!!!!!! Thanks to Susie's incredible binoculars & a kind gentleman's offer to look through his pricey scope, we saw the cute little burrowing owls in action!!!! The image of their beady yellow eyes, stalky legs, & feathery chests will remain burned in my memory for life!! Along with those precious predators, we saw bison,  osprey, deer, prairie dogs, & ferruginous hawks!!!!! A whole lot of magical creatures!!! Perfect day to get some wonderful photographs. :) 

On Sunday we ventured out to the Rocky Mountain National Park. What stunning views!!!!! I was awe-stricken the entire drive through the park. Got some fabulous photos as well! Crazy weather took place at the top so we didn't stick around there for too long!!!! Coming down the mountain exiting the park, we excitedly pulled over to get a picture by the Continental Divide sign. Can't miss that!! Then, MAGIC!!!!!! Cars upon cars were off to the side of the road, people nowhere to be seen. I leaped out of the passenger's seat, quickly scrambling down the disastrous terrain to see what all the fuss was about. MOOSE!!!!! :D A momma moose with her two calves, RIGHT there in the forest!!!! It was unreal!!!! Within a few minutes, they made their way into the clearing! An animal fanatic's dream come TRUE!!!!!!!! I was literally speechless: giddy facial expressions were my only appropriate option left that wouldn't disturb the moose. Every single person bordering the scene at the forest's edge fell victim to silence. The only sound you could pick out was the constant snap or chime of a camera. It was the most heart-warming thing I have ever been a part of. My photos barely capture the beauty of it all. <3 WOW. We continued on our exit of the park, lucky to see even more wildlife: elk, juvenile eagles, & more moose!!! To conclude our day, we had the pleasure of seeing an enormous rainbow!!!!! What a weekend, right?! :) Gosh, it stripped me of all my energy!! Thankfully I packed a salmon fillet, 2 hard-boiled eggs, & a ripe banana to help me through. 

NOW, onto my mouth-watering concoction!!!! I like to call them my "Disappearing Meatballs". On your plate one minute, gone into your tummy the next!!!!! :) Here's the recipe. 
  • 1 pound organic grass-fed beef
  • DCCC (however much you want; I added majority of the pouch) 
  • organic spinach, pre-cooked in the microwave (however much you want) 
  • salt for flavor (sprinkled on top at the end) 
*makes about 10 hefty meatballs*   

For easier assembly of the meatballs, tear the spinach leaves into little pieces. Next, mix the ground beef with the DCCC & pre-cooked spinach bits. Finally, form your mini-meals of deliciousness!!!!!!!! Place the meatballs in an oven on broil, be patient, & wait for the little gems to cook!!!!! :) MMMMM!!!!!! To finish them off, sprinkle with sea salt. If you enjoy them as much as I did, they won't last long!!!!!!!!! 

I'm hoping to have another fun recipe sometime soon!!!! :) Happy tummies, everyone!  

MEATBALLS!!!!!!! :) Amazing ones at that (sorry if it's poor quality, quick cell pic!!)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Foodie Friday!!! Week 2

HAPPY FRIDAY, foodies!!! :) I hope you all had a marvelous week full of incredibly tasty SCD treats! My best treat this week wasn't a bowl of creamy banana soft serve or a hot salmon fillet with chopped zucchini. It was attending a book signing in Niwot, CO where I had the pleasure of meeting one of my biggest inspirations: Elana Amsterdam from Elana's Pantry!!!!!!!!! How unbelievably cool is that?! Let me tell you the spirits were clearly on my side that evening. 

My aunt & I headed out for the event & immediately hit rush-hour traffic. Then as we closed in, we accidentally missed the road to Niwot! Getting to the signing on time was appearing to be very unlikely! Susie's spot-on sense of direction saved us at the last second. After wheel-clenching traffic & a tricky wrong turn, we arrived only three minutes late!! :) Upon entering, we signed in & each received a raffle ticket for a free copy of Elana's new book "Gluten Free Cupcakes". Ha! Susie & I were reluctant to feel excited; we never win anything!!!! To our surprise, the meeting was being held by the Boulder County Celiacs. A room full of gluten-free foodies, WOW!!! It was a dream come true for us. The Gluten Free Bistro  (congrats to you all for revamping gluten-free goodies!) was there serving freshly baked gluten-free pizza; the tantalizing smell drove my taste buds crazy, but I was okay with that!!! The talk was comforting & familiar to Susie & I. Speaking about Celiac Disease was right up our alley! Then Elana took the stage & discussed her journey with her health & the progress of her amazing blog. It was truly magical!!!!! Then came the drawing for the free book. I was chosen to pick the ticket! What an honor!!! :) The craziest thing happened; the winning numbers I read off belonged to SUSIE!!!!!!! I turned beet red, too shocked to speak. WE WON THE BOOK!! Susie & I overflowed with laughter, unable to comprehend what just occurred. Luck was on our side! I proceeded to get it signed by my gluten-free inspiration. My first autograph from a celebrity! I even got a picture with her! :D We chatted & everything felt right. This was my calling. It gives me chills just talking about it. I also had the opportunity to meet some really lovely women as well. They showed interest in my blog & without a hint of hesitation, I spread the love! I want nothing more than to help others & spread the lessons I've learned about good health, gluten-free, & the SCD. 

Susie & I said our goodbyes & left the room child-like & full of energy. What a night!!! And to top it all off, that was my two-month day: a day I will never forget. I got to spend it with my darling aunt Susie, too! That certainly takes the cake for my SCD treat this week. Now before I type myself silly, here's my "Foodie Friday" question! 

Since starting the SCD diet, what has been your biggest struggle? Explaining it to others? Your constant cravings for illegal foods? Perhaps just having the courage to stick to it? We're all in this together so don't hesitate to ask for help!! :) 

Have an outstanding weekend, foodies!! Cook up something delicious!! :) Can't wait to see your responses!!! 

The happiest girl in the world standing with Elana Amsterdam! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

19 Years

For 19 years I've waited. For 228 months I've suffered. For 6,935 days I've struggled. No more.  Exactly two months ago today, I made a change. My past would cease to linger in my present. I would have the chance to start thinking about my future. No more tears. No more disgust. No more pain. The sun's rays would greet me, not the darkness of my memories. A new life would begin to sprout for me & nothing was standing in the way. 

The SCD diet is my guardian angel. It has truly saved my life. No, I'm not referring to a pill or some life-altering procedure. I'm talking about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The focus, you ask? FOOD. No supplements, no energy drinks, nothing processed or artificially flavored. Just healthy, organic, wholesome food. What a journey. I'm pleasantly exhausted from all the positivity. For the past two months, I've felt the best I have ever felt in my entire life. 

It's actually very hard for me to believe. Everyday since beginning this diet, I have woken up with doubt. I wake up expecting to feel horrible, disapprove of my reflection in the mirror, take hours to pick my clothes for the day, & wish I could be a different person altogether. Then I get out of bed & reality hits. I'm not that girl anymore. I can start each day knowing I'll love what I feel, accept what I see, & enjoy being me. :) Breakfast always follows now with no hesitation. Whoa, let me say that again. I CAN EAT FOOD!!!! I eat a huge breakfast & feel fantastic afterwards. Lunch isn't out of reach anymore either. I'll go as far as admitting that I eat a hefty dinner, too!! And you know something insanely outstanding? NO CONSEQUENCES!!!! I feel normal every time I eat. That's only true if they're the right foods for my body, let me clarify. If it's something my body cannot tolerate (squash for example), then a storm begins to brew. That's the beauty of this diet, though. You take baby steps for about a year, slowly introducing one food at a time back into your food repertoire to see what your cleansed body can/cannot handle. The reaction may be severe & occur at once. For other foods, it might take 3 days. Either way, it's all positive! Knowledge is power. Knowing which foods I can eat & those to avoid is just unbelievable! It makes everything easier. :) 

These past two months have proven to be nothing short of a miracle. I am so proud of myself for choosing to take this leap & never look back again. I've had to embark on this journey alone, fully aware that most people probably won't understand any of it. But that's okay with me. It didn't stop me before, it certainly won't now. I'd rather be content with myself than have to hide & lose touch with who I am on the inside. Besides, I've got my family (Mom, Dad, Susie, Jody, Jon, B & C, Zoie <3) & that's all that matters. My closest friends stood by my side (you all know who you are) & I love them for it. Tiffany, the darling creator of the SCD Support Group on facebook, has been an angel as well. I couldn't have done it without her!!!!!! And from that stemmed other friendships & my confidence began to grow. I found many other SCD bloggers, & I continue to find new ones practically everyday. I can do this. I'm no longer alone. Starting this blog has helped me, too. It'll be moving to read these at the conclusion of my year-long healing process & see how much I've grown/healed/changed for the better. Thank you followers for joining me on my journey to wellness!! :) Cheers to two months down of my 12-month climb!! Off to check on my chicken soup. Then tonight, book signing by Elana from!!! What a perfect way to celebrate my two months!!! Talk to you all later, lovelies. <3 :)  

Busy Feelin' Fabulous!!

Hi foodies!!!! :D
Tonight's post is going to be short & sweet!!!  I had an extraordinary day today & I'm about ready to collapse!!  Everything went right for me, such as...  :) 

-My banana soft serve was still ice cream-like & delicious which made me extremely happy. 
-I indulged in another scrumptious salmon fillet this morning with two hard-boiled eggs as a side dish.  What an ideal protein-packed breakfast?!  
-I managed to sneak a nap in on my brand new organic cotton bed (YES!!!!!!). 
-My body felt up to going for a walk around City Park!! :)    

Now I'm at the end of my rope, ready to snuggle up in my cozy toxic-free bed & dream about my upcoming celebration tomorrow!!!!!! <3 I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow morning.  Goodnight everyone!!  Sleep tight! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Banana Soft Serve (you know it!) & Salmon Zucchini Alfredo :)

Hi foodies!! <3 
So as most of you already know, I am extremely fond (well, before switching to SCD) of ice cream.  The healthiest ice creams I could find from Whole Foods were the only ones that ever made it to our freezer. :) Coconut milk ice cream still tops my favorite list in terms of anything store-bought.  Once I realized none of my favorite dessert was legal on this new food lifestyle, I freaked!!!  What would dinner be like without knowing ice cream would follow?!  Eeeeeek!!!  Being the intense researcher that I am, I poured my heart into finding the ideal replacement no matter what the cost.  Thankfully, the SCD diet isn't exactly all that complicated.  Ice cream was likely to be found in my freezer soon.  In the beginning of the diet, the only real option is to make banana ice cream.  My body can tolerate pears but... Pear sauce ice cream?  Ehhh.  I'll just have to give it a try! :) Anyway, I googled blogger, after blogger, after blogger... They all mentioned their marvelous banana concoction, posting giggle-activating photos that drove me nuts.  It was time to put this nonsense to an end!!  Coming to Denver made it possible.  My amazing aunt Susie has a heaven-sent VitaMix (a should-have for the banana ice cream to be truly the right consistency).  Today was the day!!  "B" Day!!! :)  A few posts ago I might've mentioned making some banana ice cream, but it was purely a slurpee compared to tonight's creation.  I sliced up about 9 ripe bananas this morning, froze them all day, then threw the frozen chunks into the VitaMix.  VOILA!!!!!!!!! :D To my astonishment, the banana bits & pieces swirled around in idyllic harmony.  There wasn't a single note out of tune; my heart was singing!!!!  I stopped the mixer with no hesitation, dove my spoon right down the middle, & my happiness turned into vapor, suffocating me to the point of forced laughter while standing in the kitchen.  I was speechless!!!  Sitting in front of me was a mixer FULL of banana soft serve ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Everything about it was just what I had wished for.  The consistency was a portal into the summer months of my childhood when we used to fight over the last spoonful of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  My life was complete.  Dinner &... DESSERT!!!  <3   

My brunch today was quite phenomenal too. :) Thank the spirits for a powerful microwave!!!!!  I thawed one of my Alaskan salmon fillets overnight last night so I could enjoy it this afternoon.  Looking in the fridge, I remembered the whole bunch of zucchini I needed to eat too!  Then in a quick glance I noticed my last little bit of DCCC: a garnish!!  After patiently preparing the zucchini (peeling, deseeding, cutting, heating to the point of easy digestion...), cooking my tickle-me-pink salmon fillet & ridding it of the fish skin, & scooping out my delicious DCCC, my lunch was READY!!! MMMM!!!!  By far one of the best lunches I've created since arriving in Denver, perhaps before that too!!  SCD never tasted so right. :) 

Well ladies & gents, the SCD is truly a beautiful thing.  It will be hard at times, no doubt.  BUT, we're all in this together.  :)  I mean, what the heck!  I've been on it for almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS now!!!!  I have you guys to thank for that. <3 Just keep in mind that deliciousness is possible & not hard to achieve, either!!!!!  Sleep tight everyone, dream of good health & healthy goods to go with it. 

<3, Allie    

Banana soft serve in the VitaMix (WOWIES!!!!!!!!!!!) Just bananas 

Dainty banana ice cream scoops!! 

My new Alaskan salmon fillet from Costco with 2 zucchini topped with DCCC (MMMM!!) 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Burgers: $5, Charcoal: $6, Jaw-dropping views of the Denver Mts.: priceless

Good evening, dear foodies!!! :)
Well, we had ourselves a little roadtrip today (thank you cousin Jody for leading us to this irreplaceable destination)!!!!!  My first exciting outing while on the SCD diet in Denver!!!!  It turned out to be roughly 90 minutes each way; plenty of time to enjoy the lull of the teeny Toyota, but too much time barricaded from the wilderness.  What a dreamy, tasty, dusty adventure!!!!! ;D  The views as we were driving through the mountains took my breath away.  I honestly could not believe my eyes.  That much open space is unheard of back in MD!!!  

Once we arrived at the beautiful private sanctuary, the four of us sprang into action.  Setting up our "camp site" was loads of fun!!  My thoughtful aunt Susie lovingly remembered to pack anything & everything her niece & two sons could think of.  (LOVE YOU, SUSIE!)  <3  One of those things was the handy-dandy fire pit!!  I was extremely delighted to know that I would be a part of our lunch "on the go": hamburgers grilled camping style!!!  :)  My cousin Nacho (Johnny 'Nacho') was quite the grill master, I must say.  Although my plate seems a bit on the chintzy side, a gently salted burger straight off the grill is truly sensational!!  My other side dishes included a super ripe banana from the local grocery store & a hard-boiled egg from home.  I had protein with my sugar, that's the only way to do it!  DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our brave-hearted dogs (& my crazy cousins, too) decided to go for a dip in the frigid water once meal time was over.  Aunt Susie & I laid back & relaxed while the rest of our family decided to test the theory of hypothermia.  Nooo thank you!!!!  

Before I could fully grasp the reservoir's majestic allure, it was time to pack up the goodies, leave the nature, & take our new heart-warming memories home.  :) Once we defeated the treacherous silt-coated hill with the last of our stuff, goodbyes were in order.  But deep down, we knew it was more of a "see you next time".  This place would gnaw at our sense of adventure sometime soon: very, very soon.              

Goodnight, darling foodies. I hope my successful roadtrip while on the SCD encourages you all to get out there & have fun!!  Never let this lifesaving food trend hold you back.  :) <3 Lots of love, can't wait to talk more tomorrow.   

Escape from Society, CO 

About to dig into a tasty burger!!!!!  :) 

View of CO on the way back. WOW! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Perfect Medicine

Hello foodies!!! :) 
Check out these gorgeous specimens!  My aunt has a green thumb (lucky her!) & I have the pleasure of enjoying her beautiful flower garden!!!  While eating the proper foods heals my body & soul, stopping to take a glance at nature's dainty decorations makes an astoundingly positive impact as well.  We made it home just in time to get some shots before the rain began to drizzle!!  It was the ultimate conclusion to our shopping spree.  :) 

I must tell you, though.  Some other miraculous things occurred "during" our errand run.  WE SAW A BALD EAGLE!!!!!!!! :)  From now on, driving along the highway will tickle my memory & remind me of the breathtaking blue sky dabbed with a single spiritual beauty soaring to & fro.  Aunt Susie & I literally exploded with excitement!!!  Its bone-white feathers sliced through the cloudy skies making it extremely easy to spot.  To witness such gracefulness is just unreal!!!!  We decided that the Bald Eagle was our guardian angel for the day. :)  I received yet another kiss by an angel when I arrived at Costco.  We went in search for SCD foods easily made ready for day trips & overnight stays: chicken thighs, ground beef, eggs, spinach, salmon.  After constantly hopping around to every meat cooler, we attained what we came for!!  I still hadn't come across a seasoning-free salmon.  Then suddenly, VOILA!!!!!!  A huge package of frozen salmon fillets from a river in Alaska.  NO ADDED SEASONINGS!!!!!!!!  The foodie spirits kissed me.  :)  Everything else fell into place after that cheerful find.  I've got a lot of cooking to do now that I have all the necessary ingredients!!!  

Cruising down the highway, running into Costco, capturing some flower shots.  Who knew those silly little things would come together & create the perfect medicine? :) 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!!!!!! <3 You just never know what might make your day shine a bit brighter, make your smile grow a bit bigger, or make your heart sing a bit louder. :)             

Purple Seedum 

Yellow Snapdragons (notice the adorable bumble bee!!) 

Pink Peony

Light Pink Snapdragons 

Dark Pink & Orange Snapdragons 

Faint Pink & Yellow Snapdragons

Friday, June 10, 2011

Foodie Friday!!! Week 1

Hi darling foodies. :)  Happy Friday!!!!  I apologize for not posting the other day; my kitchen got the best of me!!!!  I cooked entire packs of chicken thighs, ground beef, & a new batch of chicken soup.  YUM!  And guess what?...  I ate all the chicken thighs of a previous pouch the day BEFORE yesterday!!!  EEEEEEEK!!!  I'm worried that by the time I finish these newly cooked thighs I'll be plucking pesky feathers & grazing on fresh green grass.  YIKES!!!  I've GOT to find a way to wean myself off of these delicious chicken goodies.  Well, maybe not totally off...  Moving on!  

I've decided to dub today "Foodie Friday".  :)  A lot of my favorite bloggers set aside one day of the week for something special.  Just a little thing to kick up the fun for our loving readers.  SO, here's the dealio!  Every Friday, I'm going to pose a question regarding the SCD diet: how it has affected your personal/business life, what foods you have/have not reacted to, your favorite dishes (ex. banana pancakes), & the positive changes you've experienced while being on the diet so as to encourage others to take the plunge too!!!  :)  Then you guys & gals can respond, igniting a huge magical conversation!!  I think it'll be interactive, exciting, motivating, & beneficial to anyone on the SCD diet or those hesitant to try it!  I hope you all have a blast with this!!  Here's my first "Foodie Friday" question!!

What's your story? Basically, what drove you to go onto the SCD diet? Was it Crohn's Disease? IBS? UC? Celiac Disease? 

Okay, here goes nothin'!!! :)  Please feel free to open your heart & let me, along with everyone else, throw our love right back atcha!!  Hugs & happy thoughts to you all.  See you tomorrow. <3 (p.s. can't wait to read your responses!) 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brilliant Banana Bliss (yes, I mean ice cream)

Hi foodies!!!  
Today is my fifth day in Denver & I feel incredibly amazing!  :)  Within the past few days, my aunt's kitchen has quickly become my comfort zone & place of ultimate creation.  For breakfast this morning, I felt inspired to make banana ice cream!!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I enjoy dessert for breakfast...  Only on occasion, of course. :) Thinking about the overwhelming heat of the day brought out my inner love for cold, sweet treats.  I know, I know...  Why such excitement over a bunch of ripe bananas?  Well I must tell you, I have a secret ice cream addiction!!!!!!  Since diving into the SCD diet nearly six weeks ago, the one food (well, dessert) I've probably missed the most is ice cream.  Finding a replacement for it seemed like an impossible task.  No dairy, no gums (guar, xantham), no sugars, no artificial flavorings (yuck!), nothing store bought.  How the heck does one make ice cream without any of those supposedly "mandatory" ingredients?  Think again!!!!  Frozen bananas with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon blended until creamy definitely takes the spoon.  The naturally-occurring sugars of the banana mixed with the gentle nudge of cinnamon instantly ignited my taste buds, causing a huge smile to appear on my face.  :)  Nostalgia arrived quickly after.  The SCD would be a piece of cake (banana cake, most definitely) now!!!!!  I had found my ice cream once & for all.  I would've taken a picture but I devoured it too fast.  I underestimated its potent deliciousness so I took on the task without my camera at hand.  Tomorrow I'll be sure to have it with me.  Foodies, I hope this has inspired you all to never give up & remember that SCD does NOT mean you have to go without.  :)  <3 Anything is possible if you've got yourself a fresh batch of imagination & determination at your own free will.       

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SCD Breakfast Treat!

Absolutely delightful banana pancakes!!!!!! I made these before leaving for the airport.  :) Banana, cinnamon, and two eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMMM!!!!!

I haven't gotten a picture of the finished product yet but, here is my most favorite SCD breakfast under the sun!!!! :) Banana pancakes.  They're light, cinnamon-y, & reminiscent of the good old days.  AND most importantly, they are extremely easy to make!!!!  I eat them right off the skillet.  They're the best nice & hot. :)

Traveling on the SCD

Snacks for the plane!!!!!! :) SCD style! Ripe banana, two hard-boiled eggs, four broiled
chicken thighs, chicken soup, & pear sauce. MMMM!!!!! 

I did it!!!!  I traveled while on the SCD!!!!  :) YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!  Feast your eyes on those yummy snacks!  The skin-crawling security guards had nothin' on me!!  My travel-sized bottles (thank you CVS!!) were each 3 oz., just below the limit of 3.4 oz.  Pouring the chicken soup & pear sauce in them was no problem, too!!  I used my cute little measuring cup & had no spillage whatsoever.  The hard-boiled eggs were an instant pass, along with the chicken thighs.  I also had a baggie of about nine chicken nuggets made from ground chicken breasts (not in the photo!!).  They didn't raise any questions either!!  It was absolutely perfect.  

Just before I left my mom to go through the stressful security process, I indulged in a giant thermos of hot chicken soup.  DELISH!!  That held me over for about an hour or two.  Being an SCDer means eating practically ALL the time.  Our bodies are hardworking healing machines!  So... my nuggets began to slowly disappear.  I knew my stomach would have to satisfy itself with less because I needed to save some for the flight!!  I managed to put a stop to my mindless nibbling & was left with a few for the three & a half-hour flight.  I chose to save the banana & hard-boiled eggs for later as well.  Smart choice!!  Peeling the super ripe banana during the flight was kind of funny, I must admit.  A bruise here & there, but perfect taste overall.  Although, the sight of it was... not too pretty.  A girl's gotta eat though, what can I say!  I never got around to eating my hard-boiled eggs; the chicken thighs required less effort.  The protein had an astronomical effect on my energy level.  My only gripe about the plane ride was the lack of a cure for my fidgety legs!!!!  Not enough leg room!!!! :(  Maybe next time I decide to fly, I'll run a marathon around the airport in efforts to sedate my uncontrollably active legs.  HA!  ...I can dream, can't I?  

By the time I arrived in Denver, I wasn't sure if I'd ever want to eat another chicken nugget or chicken thigh again.  To say I ate 'a lot' would be incorrect.  I ate a BOATLOAD of chicken!!!  When we got to the house, all I wanted was some chicken soup.  Yes, I am aware there's chicken in it.  But no matter what the circumstance, it always makes me feel better.  Lucky for me I had three little bottles full of that orange concoction!!!  :)  After that, I engaged in some much-needed conversations with my aunt & cousins.  The perfect medicine.  Finally the time difference was too much to ignore; sleep a.s.a.p.  I was ready to call it a night.  

I had actually done it.  I came to Denver on an airplane with security-friendly SCD snacks.  I beat the odds.  I faced my fears.  Sleep was my reward.  Dune, my cousin's big teddy bear of a dog joined me in my subtle decent into dream land, bringing my first evening as a CO resident to a close.  :)     

Monday, June 6, 2011

Destination: DENVER!! Mission: HEAL, THRIVE, EAT!!!!

Hi foodies!!  I'm blogging you all from my Aunt's comfy cozy cottage in Denver, Colorado.  This will be my home for the next six weeks (maybe more...) & I couldn't be happier!!  It is gorgeous here.  The lack of humidity is UNREAL.  I'm so used to the stuffy Maryland weather; this clean mountain air is extremely refreshing!!!!!  Colorado is going to be the perfect place for me to continue my path to wellness.  I hope to blog everyday while I'm here & document my adventures, along with my many SCD creations.  

Since arriving on Saturday night, I've consumed lots of different yummy SCD delights: chicken soup, salmon, DCCC, ground beef meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, spinach, chicken thighs, chicken nuggets, & pear sauce.  **For those of you that don't know, you CAN travel while on the SCD & eat plenty of delicious food!!!**  I'm still having some difficulty coping with the move from MD to CO, but I know I'll feel more like myself by this weekend.  I ate an absurdly large amount of chicken on my departure day though, so I don't feel too bad about going without.  My poor stomach needs some more time to tackle all those chicken nuggets & chicken thighs!!  I'll be posting pictures of my food as soon as I can!!  

Well I hate to cut this short but... it's time to eat SOUP!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'll be back tomorrow.  Stay healthy, foodies!! <3 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Scrumptious Salmon Supper

Wild-caught Alaskan salmon, DCCC (dry curd cottage cheese for the SCD diet),  organic zucchini pasta, & 2 tsp. organic cold-pressed olive oil