Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Traveling on the SCD

Snacks for the plane!!!!!! :) SCD style! Ripe banana, two hard-boiled eggs, four broiled
chicken thighs, chicken soup, & pear sauce. MMMM!!!!! 

I did it!!!!  I traveled while on the SCD!!!!  :) YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!  Feast your eyes on those yummy snacks!  The skin-crawling security guards had nothin' on me!!  My travel-sized bottles (thank you CVS!!) were each 3 oz., just below the limit of 3.4 oz.  Pouring the chicken soup & pear sauce in them was no problem, too!!  I used my cute little measuring cup & had no spillage whatsoever.  The hard-boiled eggs were an instant pass, along with the chicken thighs.  I also had a baggie of about nine chicken nuggets made from ground chicken breasts (not in the photo!!).  They didn't raise any questions either!!  It was absolutely perfect.  

Just before I left my mom to go through the stressful security process, I indulged in a giant thermos of hot chicken soup.  DELISH!!  That held me over for about an hour or two.  Being an SCDer means eating practically ALL the time.  Our bodies are hardworking healing machines!  So... my nuggets began to slowly disappear.  I knew my stomach would have to satisfy itself with less because I needed to save some for the flight!!  I managed to put a stop to my mindless nibbling & was left with a few for the three & a half-hour flight.  I chose to save the banana & hard-boiled eggs for later as well.  Smart choice!!  Peeling the super ripe banana during the flight was kind of funny, I must admit.  A bruise here & there, but perfect taste overall.  Although, the sight of it was... not too pretty.  A girl's gotta eat though, what can I say!  I never got around to eating my hard-boiled eggs; the chicken thighs required less effort.  The protein had an astronomical effect on my energy level.  My only gripe about the plane ride was the lack of a cure for my fidgety legs!!!!  Not enough leg room!!!! :(  Maybe next time I decide to fly, I'll run a marathon around the airport in efforts to sedate my uncontrollably active legs.  HA!  ...I can dream, can't I?  

By the time I arrived in Denver, I wasn't sure if I'd ever want to eat another chicken nugget or chicken thigh again.  To say I ate 'a lot' would be incorrect.  I ate a BOATLOAD of chicken!!!  When we got to the house, all I wanted was some chicken soup.  Yes, I am aware there's chicken in it.  But no matter what the circumstance, it always makes me feel better.  Lucky for me I had three little bottles full of that orange concoction!!!  :)  After that, I engaged in some much-needed conversations with my aunt & cousins.  The perfect medicine.  Finally the time difference was too much to ignore; sleep a.s.a.p.  I was ready to call it a night.  

I had actually done it.  I came to Denver on an airplane with security-friendly SCD snacks.  I beat the odds.  I faced my fears.  Sleep was my reward.  Dune, my cousin's big teddy bear of a dog joined me in my subtle decent into dream land, bringing my first evening as a CO resident to a close.  :)     

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