Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Feelin' Fabulous!!

Hi foodies!!!! :D
Tonight's post is going to be short & sweet!!!  I had an extraordinary day today & I'm about ready to collapse!!  Everything went right for me, such as...  :) 

-My banana soft serve was still ice cream-like & delicious which made me extremely happy. 
-I indulged in another scrumptious salmon fillet this morning with two hard-boiled eggs as a side dish.  What an ideal protein-packed breakfast?!  
-I managed to sneak a nap in on my brand new organic cotton bed (YES!!!!!!). 
-My body felt up to going for a walk around City Park!! :)    

Now I'm at the end of my rope, ready to snuggle up in my cozy toxic-free bed & dream about my upcoming celebration tomorrow!!!!!! <3 I'll fill you in on the details tomorrow morning.  Goodnight everyone!!  Sleep tight! :)

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