Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My "Disappearing Meatballs"

Why hello there, foodies!!!!! :) 
How was your weekend?! I hope it was magical, but I doubt it can beat my adventures! We went to the "Rocky Mountain Arsenal: National Wildlife Refuge" on Saturday in search of burrowing owls. It was a SUCCESS!!!!!!! Thanks to Susie's incredible binoculars & a kind gentleman's offer to look through his pricey scope, we saw the cute little burrowing owls in action!!!! The image of their beady yellow eyes, stalky legs, & feathery chests will remain burned in my memory for life!! Along with those precious predators, we saw bison,  osprey, deer, prairie dogs, & ferruginous hawks!!!!! A whole lot of magical creatures!!! Perfect day to get some wonderful photographs. :) 

On Sunday we ventured out to the Rocky Mountain National Park. What stunning views!!!!! I was awe-stricken the entire drive through the park. Got some fabulous photos as well! Crazy weather took place at the top so we didn't stick around there for too long!!!! Coming down the mountain exiting the park, we excitedly pulled over to get a picture by the Continental Divide sign. Can't miss that!! Then, MAGIC!!!!!! Cars upon cars were off to the side of the road, people nowhere to be seen. I leaped out of the passenger's seat, quickly scrambling down the disastrous terrain to see what all the fuss was about. MOOSE!!!!! :D A momma moose with her two calves, RIGHT there in the forest!!!! It was unreal!!!! Within a few minutes, they made their way into the clearing! An animal fanatic's dream come TRUE!!!!!!!! I was literally speechless: giddy facial expressions were my only appropriate option left that wouldn't disturb the moose. Every single person bordering the scene at the forest's edge fell victim to silence. The only sound you could pick out was the constant snap or chime of a camera. It was the most heart-warming thing I have ever been a part of. My photos barely capture the beauty of it all. <3 WOW. We continued on our exit of the park, lucky to see even more wildlife: elk, juvenile eagles, & more moose!!! To conclude our day, we had the pleasure of seeing an enormous rainbow!!!!! What a weekend, right?! :) Gosh, it stripped me of all my energy!! Thankfully I packed a salmon fillet, 2 hard-boiled eggs, & a ripe banana to help me through. 

NOW, onto my mouth-watering concoction!!!! I like to call them my "Disappearing Meatballs". On your plate one minute, gone into your tummy the next!!!!! :) Here's the recipe. 
  • 1 pound organic grass-fed beef
  • DCCC (however much you want; I added majority of the pouch) 
  • organic spinach, pre-cooked in the microwave (however much you want) 
  • salt for flavor (sprinkled on top at the end) 
*makes about 10 hefty meatballs*   

For easier assembly of the meatballs, tear the spinach leaves into little pieces. Next, mix the ground beef with the DCCC & pre-cooked spinach bits. Finally, form your mini-meals of deliciousness!!!!!!!! Place the meatballs in an oven on broil, be patient, & wait for the little gems to cook!!!!! :) MMMMM!!!!!! To finish them off, sprinkle with sea salt. If you enjoy them as much as I did, they won't last long!!!!!!!!! 

I'm hoping to have another fun recipe sometime soon!!!! :) Happy tummies, everyone!  

MEATBALLS!!!!!!! :) Amazing ones at that (sorry if it's poor quality, quick cell pic!!)


  1. i remember when i saw a moose in yellowstone it was absolutely amazing and everyone reacted in the same way as you did. meatballs look deliscious.

    love you

  2. :) You've been to Yellowstone?! Awesome!!!!!! I just so happen to be going next weekend!!!!! I'll tell you all about it. Thanksss, they were absolutely delish!!!!!
    Love ya tooo! <3

  3. Hey there! I am new to your blog! Saw a post about it on the SCD fb page. I am new to all of this. I was wondering about the meatball recipe. I do not like beef meatballs, at all. Could I use sausage with the diet instead of beef?

  4. Hi there, Sabrina!!!!! :) Welcome!!!!!!! New to the SCD? WOOHOO!!! Well then, I think we can solve that problem. I do not believe sausage is legal, sadly. What if I told you I've made chicken meatballs before? :) I should've posted a picture!! Are you a fan of chicken? I buy ground chicken (thighs or breasts, either one is delish) & form them into meatballs. They come out great!!!! And I'm most certain you can upgrade them by adding something else like the DCCC or spinach. If not chicken, then I shall think of something else :) -Allie-