Monday, June 6, 2011

Destination: DENVER!! Mission: HEAL, THRIVE, EAT!!!!

Hi foodies!!  I'm blogging you all from my Aunt's comfy cozy cottage in Denver, Colorado.  This will be my home for the next six weeks (maybe more...) & I couldn't be happier!!  It is gorgeous here.  The lack of humidity is UNREAL.  I'm so used to the stuffy Maryland weather; this clean mountain air is extremely refreshing!!!!!  Colorado is going to be the perfect place for me to continue my path to wellness.  I hope to blog everyday while I'm here & document my adventures, along with my many SCD creations.  

Since arriving on Saturday night, I've consumed lots of different yummy SCD delights: chicken soup, salmon, DCCC, ground beef meatballs, hard-boiled eggs, spinach, chicken thighs, chicken nuggets, & pear sauce.  **For those of you that don't know, you CAN travel while on the SCD & eat plenty of delicious food!!!**  I'm still having some difficulty coping with the move from MD to CO, but I know I'll feel more like myself by this weekend.  I ate an absurdly large amount of chicken on my departure day though, so I don't feel too bad about going without.  My poor stomach needs some more time to tackle all those chicken nuggets & chicken thighs!!  I'll be posting pictures of my food as soon as I can!!  

Well I hate to cut this short but... it's time to eat SOUP!!!!!!!!!!! :) I'll be back tomorrow.  Stay healthy, foodies!! <3 



  1. Congratz, Enjoy the travels!


  2. Thank you!!! :) I hope to make some mouth-watering banana pancakes tomorrow morning for breakfast. Look out for photos!

  3. Glad you're getting the fresh air! That'll def help you with your road to being a healthier you. Have fun learning! Enjoy the stay!


  4. Pianoguy- Thanks so much!!! I'm glad, too!! I've only been here about 4 days & I already feel even better! I certainly will. Thanks again! :) Look out for more of my SCD/CO adventures!

    p.s. are you an SCDer, too? if so, how's it working for you?! :)