Sunday, June 12, 2011

Burgers: $5, Charcoal: $6, Jaw-dropping views of the Denver Mts.: priceless

Good evening, dear foodies!!! :)
Well, we had ourselves a little roadtrip today (thank you cousin Jody for leading us to this irreplaceable destination)!!!!!  My first exciting outing while on the SCD diet in Denver!!!!  It turned out to be roughly 90 minutes each way; plenty of time to enjoy the lull of the teeny Toyota, but too much time barricaded from the wilderness.  What a dreamy, tasty, dusty adventure!!!!! ;D  The views as we were driving through the mountains took my breath away.  I honestly could not believe my eyes.  That much open space is unheard of back in MD!!!  

Once we arrived at the beautiful private sanctuary, the four of us sprang into action.  Setting up our "camp site" was loads of fun!!  My thoughtful aunt Susie lovingly remembered to pack anything & everything her niece & two sons could think of.  (LOVE YOU, SUSIE!)  <3  One of those things was the handy-dandy fire pit!!  I was extremely delighted to know that I would be a part of our lunch "on the go": hamburgers grilled camping style!!!  :)  My cousin Nacho (Johnny 'Nacho') was quite the grill master, I must say.  Although my plate seems a bit on the chintzy side, a gently salted burger straight off the grill is truly sensational!!  My other side dishes included a super ripe banana from the local grocery store & a hard-boiled egg from home.  I had protein with my sugar, that's the only way to do it!  DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our brave-hearted dogs (& my crazy cousins, too) decided to go for a dip in the frigid water once meal time was over.  Aunt Susie & I laid back & relaxed while the rest of our family decided to test the theory of hypothermia.  Nooo thank you!!!!  

Before I could fully grasp the reservoir's majestic allure, it was time to pack up the goodies, leave the nature, & take our new heart-warming memories home.  :) Once we defeated the treacherous silt-coated hill with the last of our stuff, goodbyes were in order.  But deep down, we knew it was more of a "see you next time".  This place would gnaw at our sense of adventure sometime soon: very, very soon.              

Goodnight, darling foodies. I hope my successful roadtrip while on the SCD encourages you all to get out there & have fun!!  Never let this lifesaving food trend hold you back.  :) <3 Lots of love, can't wait to talk more tomorrow.   

Escape from Society, CO 

About to dig into a tasty burger!!!!!  :) 

View of CO on the way back. WOW! 

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