Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Perfect Medicine

Hello foodies!!! :) 
Check out these gorgeous specimens!  My aunt has a green thumb (lucky her!) & I have the pleasure of enjoying her beautiful flower garden!!!  While eating the proper foods heals my body & soul, stopping to take a glance at nature's dainty decorations makes an astoundingly positive impact as well.  We made it home just in time to get some shots before the rain began to drizzle!!  It was the ultimate conclusion to our shopping spree.  :) 

I must tell you, though.  Some other miraculous things occurred "during" our errand run.  WE SAW A BALD EAGLE!!!!!!!! :)  From now on, driving along the highway will tickle my memory & remind me of the breathtaking blue sky dabbed with a single spiritual beauty soaring to & fro.  Aunt Susie & I literally exploded with excitement!!!  Its bone-white feathers sliced through the cloudy skies making it extremely easy to spot.  To witness such gracefulness is just unreal!!!!  We decided that the Bald Eagle was our guardian angel for the day. :)  I received yet another kiss by an angel when I arrived at Costco.  We went in search for SCD foods easily made ready for day trips & overnight stays: chicken thighs, ground beef, eggs, spinach, salmon.  After constantly hopping around to every meat cooler, we attained what we came for!!  I still hadn't come across a seasoning-free salmon.  Then suddenly, VOILA!!!!!!  A huge package of frozen salmon fillets from a river in Alaska.  NO ADDED SEASONINGS!!!!!!!!  The foodie spirits kissed me.  :)  Everything else fell into place after that cheerful find.  I've got a lot of cooking to do now that I have all the necessary ingredients!!!  

Cruising down the highway, running into Costco, capturing some flower shots.  Who knew those silly little things would come together & create the perfect medicine? :) 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!!!!!! <3 You just never know what might make your day shine a bit brighter, make your smile grow a bit bigger, or make your heart sing a bit louder. :)             

Purple Seedum 

Yellow Snapdragons (notice the adorable bumble bee!!) 

Pink Peony

Light Pink Snapdragons 

Dark Pink & Orange Snapdragons 

Faint Pink & Yellow Snapdragons

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