Friday, May 15, 2015

"Adulthood is hard." - says every parent

"Adulthood is hard." - says every parent
That's what your parents tell you when you're growing up, right? You go to your parents, asking for help with geometry homework, and they giggle. They giggle because they WISH geometry homework was on their insanely long to-do list. Everything changes when you grow up; I realize that now that I'm getting closer to being a legit adult. Childhood really is a SURREAL time in one's life that does not compare to any other period of time. 

HOWEVER, what about the things our parents DO NOT tell us about adulthood???  What about all of the MAGICAL things that come with being an adult???? Why don't our parents ever prepare us for the HAPPINESS we will experience in our future??? Those are the things we WANT to know about, moms and dads!! ;-) 

A job as a personal chef that brings you more joy than you can 
describe in words. 
Family outings that leave you out of breath from endless laughter. 
A homework buddy who purrs like a motorboat, and makes it a thousand 
times easier to write essays. 
Meeting your "SCDing sister from another mister" for the first time, 
who shares the burden 
of having an angry gut. 
Grilled drumsticks that taste delicious enough to fill the 
"dessert void" inside your gut.
A trip out on the town--with a HAPPY TUMMY--with 
your soul mate at your side.  
Getting your first PAYCHECK. 
"Adulthood might be ugly at times, but if you look closely, it can also be quite supercalifragilisticexpial-idocious." - says my heart & soul
My health has really complicated things in my life; I'll admit it. I thought I would leave my struggle for wellness BEHIND as I got older, but that doesn't appear to be the case. NOT COOL, BOD. NOT COOL.  -_- 

HOWEVER, instead of using this as fuel for anger, I've turned it into fuel for POSITIVITY and  APPRECIATION. I'm incredibly grateful for the little things in life, and I have my fickle body to thank for that. I'm proud to admit that I know how precious people are, and that pets are healing. I never miss the opportunity to tell my family/friends how much I love them. Yes, life is hard, especially as an adult (and especially when your gut has attitude problems). :-P BUT, as I've proven above, life can be rather spectacular, too. You just have to train yourself to focus on the good, not the bad. 

I hope you all are reading this, and thinking of alllllllll the things that make you smile. I'm sure it's a LENGTHY list of things, too. I also hope that for my friends with fragile bodies/tummies, I hope your body is cooperating on this LOVELY evening in May. If your tummy is not happy, I hope this post has distracted you from your bodily discomfort. I'm sending LOADS of healing vibes to each of you. :-)  Next time you're feeling frustrated, just remember that I'm fighting the fight with you, and you are NEVER alone. 

Lots of LOVE,