Monday, March 31, 2014

Caution: Drinks may cause instantaneous HAPPINESS

The list goes on. 
I'm talking about KeVita drinks. 
You know the saying, "you had me at hello?". 
WELL, KeVita, you had me at "sparkling". 
  Does your diet need some breathing room?
Do bubbly drinks make you giggle?
Are "good bugs" your superheroes?
Is your body craving a pH makeover?
Are you tired of dreadful drinking-water drenched in chlorine & chemicals?
Do you need a new morning "pick-me-up"?
Try. KeVita.
Make PEACE with your gut.
I pinky-promise you that if you start drinking one of these magical drinks every morning/afternoon/evening, 
 If you aren't busy right now, go to your local grocery store, preferably Whole Foods (that's where I found these gems!). 
If you're reading this post & you have a case of the "Mondays", then definitely buy a KeVita.
A better day with KeVita? 
CHECK!!!!! ✔ 

~LOTS AND LOTS of ❤, allie~

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Souper Douper SCDer!!

I KNOW this to be true:
I'm in school.
I have a job.
I know exactly what direction my life is going in. 
I am a SCDer & I run a support page on Facebook for others following the diet around the world. 
I take Epsom salt baths every week. 
I have learned the dos & don'ts of my gut. ;) 
I think of bubbly water as a sweet treat/dessert.
I think of chicken soup as my secret to lifelong happiness. 
Zucchini pasta is my FAVORITE Italian-ish dish. 
I know how to use cauliflower to make a to-die-for pizza crust!!! 
Banana pancakes are a fun, SCD-friendly dessert in my house that everyone enjoys!!
I promote the power of SIMPLICITY when it comes to food. 
I'm on a quest to KILL AS MANY BUGS as I possibly can. 
I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get through this Chronic Lyme treatment. 
My world is bright, sunny, & exploding with daily giggles. 
The thought of "giving up" is now a foreign language to me. 
I'm OK with growing up as an adult with two full-time jobs: achieving/then maintaining wellness AND working with animals. :) 
It's been a rather bumpy ride but I wouldn't want it to have unfolded any other way.
I've become more comfortable with the new life I've been forced to live. 
I find peace in calming music or a salt bath. 
I think of my new friends as my favorite form of medicine. 
I don't go looking for a red EXIT sign anymore. 
I have no need for Harry Potter's invisibility cloak anymore. 
I found myself & never want to go missing ever again. 
I wasn't able to say any of these things three years ago.
Everything about my life has changed for the better since I first launched this blog. 
I don't know ALL the answers & I'm not an expert on how to treat Chronic Lyme/autoimmune diseases BUT I've learned how to face these medical monsters with determination & a stubborn will to succeed. 
I started this blog to help others achieve wellness & as it turns out (prepare yourself for some ULTIMATE cheesiness), it has helped ME achieve wellness, too.
I never thought treatment for chronic diseases could come in the form of an Internet diary with followers from all over the globe. 
I'm so incredibly grateful for what this blog has done for me from the times it helped me cease the tears, to the times it listened when I was only able to get out a teeny tiny whisper. 
While this blog was my only companion for a good chunk of the last three years, it has helped me find the strength to gain some real friends. 
Real face-to-face friends I can be my REAL self with (even if those face-to-face moments are via Skype!). 
The people I've learned to let into my life are my treasures & I will forever cherish their healing presence.
Where will the blog go from here?
I don't know exactly. 
I'd just like to keep it by my side & see what happens. 
When something is going right, whatever you do, DON'T change it. 
This is working. 
This is helping me heal.
SO, I'll leave it at that & keep doing what I'm doing. 
To all of you who have been a part of this wildly colorful, sometimes rough, often bumpy, very emotional, possibly ugly, incredibly muddy, extremely beautiful journey, 
thank you. 
I would not have made it this far without you. 
Lots & lots of endless love, 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

VACATION in a cup

Vacation in a cup. 
I'm telling you...
Two ingredients.
Does it get any simpler than that?
Here's how to make Homemade Almond Milk. 

~Soak ONE cup of almonds (*preferably organic*) with TWO cups of water (the best quality if you can) for 1 to 2 days, changing the water halfway through
~After the almonds have taken their extra-long water bath, drain & rinse
~Add NEW water to the ONE cup of almonds
~Pour the new almonds & water mixture into a POWERFUL blender
~Pulverize the stuff!! (I use a Bullet)
~Take the blended mixture & strain it through a cheese cloth to squeeze out the milk
~Keep the milk in the fridge for ONLY a couple of days or else it'll go sour! 
~Now you have leftover almond "pulp" you can either use to bake cookies or maybe even as a coating for a SCD "fried chicken". Who knows!! There's no harm in experimenting. :D

(that's the picture tantalizing you at the top of this post; I know you're going out to buy organic almonds tomorrow...SCD MILKSHAKES ARE IN YOUR FUTURE)
~Add some very ripe frozen banana chunks to your almond milk & toss that in your blender.
You're going to the islands for dessert tonight. 

***Here's a video on Youtube in case you want a visual of how to make "Homemade almond milk"***


Thursday, February 27, 2014

time to get CREATIVE!

I'm an only child. 
I'm EXTREMELY close to my parents.
They're teaching me everything I need to know in order to be a good mommy someday.  
My mom always used to say to me, "You can't hit your kid then say I'm sorry". 
Hitting your kid is not an option. Once you hit your kid, there's no turning back. Apologizing won't fix it like a funny movie fixes any night on which you've studied your BUTT off for an anatomy exam (or history, or math, or chemistry, any subject for that matter). ;)
Where am I going with this? 
"You can't eat gluten/sugar/bacteria-fueling foods then say I'm sorry". 
That, like hitting, is something that cannot be undone. 
It's a song that cannot be unsung. 
It's a marathon that cannot be unrun (making up words here...!). 
It's popcorn that cannot be unpopped. 
It's a jack that cannot be unhammered. 
It's a peanut that cannot be unbuttered. 
It's a bean that cannot be unstalked. 
You catchin' my drift? :P 
If you're struggling to stick to safe foods, ☞ASK FOR HELP☜. 
Don't be scared off by the SCD.
Use it to your advantage. 
Don't get lost in the idea that you'll be fine in a couple of days. 
Chances are, you won't be. 
We all know people eat for pleasure before they eat because they're hungry. 
For us, eating soup all the time isn't exactly something to jump up & down about... 
I mean, YES! It heals us; we KNOW that. But that doesn't make eating it all the time any easier. 
We have to be able to have fun, too! Our "Ben & Jerry's banana split" on a Friday night has to be something more along the lines of a delicious bowl of banana ice cream or maybe an egg souffle with cinnamon if fruit isn't working right now. 
Don't let yourself forget you're only human. 
I tend to do that A LOT.... 
I forget I'm just a girl trying to heal through diet & that I'M NOT A ROBOT.NEITHER ARE YOU!!!!!! 
It's funny. I guess in that respect I'm perfectly normal!!!! I struggle with my emotions sometimes if I'm frustrated with my illness or something & every single thread of my body wants to drown it out in a bowl of ice cream. But that's not an option for ANY of us, is it?  
And then I think about some of the darling people I've met around the world. 
These people who are trying to heal are mothers to three children, fathers trying to support a family, full-time workers/students with no free time... 
These people don't have MILLIONS OF DOLLARS floating around, nor do they have a boatload of downtime to prepare all these SCD foods. Buying organic whole foods is expensive!!!! Buying supplements is costly!!! And if they eat the wrong food, their life gets tossed into the mix. Their children are negatively affected. Their job is affected. Their happiness is affected. Their lover/partner for life is affected. Everything about them is affected. It's not an isolated incident. The problems from eating the wrong food have the power to dismantle your whole life, from top to bottom. 
I'm going to make it my top priority to post more recipes so this journey can be easier for you. That's what I want to do. I want to be a helping hand when you're feeling hopeless. 
This isn't all about me. I started this blog to HELP YOU. I want to make you feel better as you ride this ridiculously unpredictable roller coaster. 
Now, I have found this blog to be therapeutic for me BUT I don't want you to miss out on any of the healing benefits I'm trying to give out. 
Let's do this TOGETHER. 
Let's come up with things to eat together! Two minds are better than one right? 
I just made my second batch of almond milk so I'll put together a post for that. I also made almond flour (blanched almond flour) biscuits a few weeks ago. I'll include those in the post as well. 
What are some things you'd like me to experiment with? I'll do all the "test cooking" for you. I'll save you the trouble. 
So if you're still awake right now, when you head to bed, start dreaming up some SCD concoctions you'd like me to try. I'll put on my chef hat & get to work! 
Smile, guys. Healing naturally is a complicated process but it can be done. 

(if you have any thoughts about foods or possible recipes or exciting ideas, please don't hesitate to leave them in a comment or in an email! Let's get some variety on your dinner plate) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The secret to wellness

I can't really put my finger on it but... something is different. SomeTHING has changed.

No more tears greeting me in the morning or sending me to bed at night. 
No more trips to the gym that last four hours or more.
No more "ugly talks" with myself at every turn. 
No more 100%-dependency on compression socks.
No more hiding. 
No more screaming. 
No more "I can't". 
No more "I won't".
No more mind games. 
No more days spent tucked under the covers in bed, crawled up in a ball, sobbing my eyes out from the bodily pain.
No more pain pills, not that I ever took them anyway; now I don't even acknowledge their existence. 
No more ridiculous ultimatums. 
No more "limitations"; these dietary/lifestyle restrictions give me access to my FREEDOM.

I can't tell you I'm certain I killed all the bugs.
I can't tell you I'm completely pain/fatigue-free. 
I can't tell you I'm certain this isn't all from an autoimmune disease in ACTUALITY, not just the Lyme. 
I can't tell you I'm certain that this cycle will ever end & that I'll be able to eat freely. 
I don't have all the answers. 
I'm still looking but I'm no longer fixated on finding these truths.
I'm still doing everything in my power to get WELL but I'm living my life in the meantime. 

❤Part-time work.
❤A relationship.
❤Internship applications 
at zoos. 
❤College applications for this Fall. 
❤Friday movie-nights.
❤A quick dip in the swimming pool. 
❤Coming across GLUTEN-FREE 
lip balm. 
❤Singing in the car along with my 
favorite tunes. 
❤Texting all my cousins to say 
❤Skyping with my friends in 
Germany & Australia. 
❤Sending a letter to someone like we 
used to in the 
❤Going for a walk. 
❤Trying to cook rice & failing 
multiple times. 
❤Wiping the snow off of my fuzzy 
little pooch's paws. 
❤Lying on my red-checked couch. 
❤Getting giggly over my 
electric toothbrush.

These things are just as, if not MORE, important than the nutritional/supplemental side of healing. Without these, you have nothing. Wellness is a combination of proper nutrition, vitamins (if necessary & tolerated), AND a colorful life with laughter & hiccups & burnt rice.  

If you have boundaries you aren't comfortable crossing yet, that's fine!! Stick with what you know. 
If that means a strict version of the SCD, go for it! 
If you're ready to step out of your comfort zone but you still want to adhere to the SCD,
try going online & searching Comfy Belly!!!! She has some positively FABULOUS SCD recipes you will love!!! 

You just have to find ways to cope. That's the bottom line. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I was in pain as I wrote this post. But instead of focusing on the pain, I'm wearing my favorite pair of pajama pants & I'm blasting Justin Timberlake throughout the house. 
☞You gotta learn how to cope.☜
Do whatever it takes. 
That's the secret to wellness.
If it means taking a nap, do it. 
If it means painting your toes & preparing for summer, do it. 
If it means taking a hot Epsom salt bath three days a week, do it. 
This DOES NOT go away over night. 
SO, find a way to live your life around these limitations. 
Don't stop living while you're waiting for your body to heal. Do them together. 
We're halfway through February already. It's not too late to start LIVING. 
Start today. 
Add a new paint brush to your repertoire. 
Throw in some new flashy colors. 
Try painting a landscape instead of the bowl of fruit on your dining room table. 
Go outside of your bubble. 
It's scary in the beginning but worth it in the end. 


Friday, January 3, 2014

The Food pyramid? PSH.

It's 2014!! A new year! Time to dive into wellness!!! 
Protein shakes?
Fifty miles on the treadmill?
Three hundred push-ups?
Twenty-two miles on the stationary bike? (Been there, DONE that....a BILLION times!)
That's the recipe for success, right?
Or how about those little pills that are supposed to "burn fat"? (HA!!!!)
OH & make sure you have multiple servings of grains every day. 
We have to follow the food pyramid, right? 
What about dairy? Gotta get your cow's milk in for the calcium, right?
Who needs veggies when you can have pasta & garlic bread?
(that's my SCD magic)
Get that nonsense out of your head. 
Don't fall for the colorful (yet deceiving!!) pictures of white bread, angel hair pasta, & a big glass of hormone-infested milk. 
Don't assume your dinner plate has to have something WHITE on it. 
Don't assume that killing yourself at the gym is going to get you somewhere. 
There isn't one right answer.
For some, maybe spending three hours at the gym is OK. 
Maybe splurging on a toasted bagel with shmear doesn't translate to "DEATH SENTENCE". 
This is the dreaded nature of the beast. 
You can look as far & wide as you want but you'll never find it.
You won't find it at the end of a rainbow, along with a big pot of gold.
You won't find it at the bottom of your Lucky Charms cereal box or your bag of Cracker Jacks. 
You won't find it where X marks the spot. 
Trust me, I've looked!!!! 
The trick is.....
Figure out what works best for you & ONLY you.
For me, I have found that the gentler I am on my body, the better off I'll be.
Nothing too extreme exercise-wise, especially. 
 I find that it's a lot easier for me to stay afloat if I keep things neutral. 
As much as I'd like to LIVE at the gym (I sort of have in the past....), I'm not going to do that anymore.
It aggravates my leaky gut.
It messes up my mood.
It pisses off my joints.
It sets my insides on fire. 
It shoots my inflammation levels through the roof. 
It is ABSOLUTELY NOT worth the setbacks.
If you're anything like me & you have "extremist" issues that need to be satisfied, pick up yoga or knitting or crocheting or chess-playing or jewelry-making. 
I'm DEFINITELY not saying you shouldn't exercise. 
It's great for you!!
But, for some of us like myself with super fragile bodies, over-exercise will do more harm than good. 
It's our job to find a happy medium. 
get plenty of sleep. 
Eat SCD (if you can; if your body craves it). 
Take care of yourself. 
You've only got one body! 
Give your body the TLC it deserves. 
That's what I'm doing. 
100% Lyme-friendly/modified SCD. 
Steaks for dinner.
Chicken for dessert.
Lyme meds taken on time WITH food. 
WATCH OUT, 2014.
I'm prepared to win whatever battle you throw at me. 
 Come at me. 
I'm armed & dangerous with copious jars of chicken soup. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ends on a lovely note

My plan was to post AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE throughout the month of December. 
A post every couple of days maybe.
I wanted to get as many hits as I could before the new year started.
I was hoping to maybe get another follower, too, if possible.
and I couldn't be happier about it.
Life had a surprise in store for me. 
A very special gift.
No, it wasn't wrapped up like a present under the Christmas tree.
No, I didn't find it in my stocking.
No, it's not something that can be bought.
No, it doesn't have a price.
I'm talking about something better.
Something DIFFERENT.
I'm talking about something invisible to the naked eye.
I'm talking about something you can't see from outer space.
I'm talking about something you can't measure.
I'm talking about something you can't explain.
I'm talking about LOVE.
The best medicine out there. 
The magic behind my smile.
The motivation I need to follow through with Lyme treatment/annoying alarms for pills every few hours.
The distraction I need from the curveballs my body throws at me.
The one thing I was missing.
I didn't know LOVE could be so healing.
I didn't know love was the missing link in my treatment plan.
I didn't know love would be the voice in my head, telling me to eat chicken instead of potato chips or cheese or bread or sugar. 
Am I READY for love?
Of course I am.
I don't want to over-think this.
I don't want to do what I do best; run away from affection.
I want to prove myself wrong.
I want to show myself there's nothing wrong with being afraid of love but that if love knocks on your door, run to the door as fast as you can & embrace that love with OPEN ARMS!
Don't run away from happiness, you goof!!!!! 
Don't be scared you aren't good enough.
Don't be scared your body will destroy the magic.
Just breathe & be YOURSELF, food issues/twitches/tummy aches/sore joints/sweating/dates interrupted/tiredness included.  
You are allowed to be HAPPY, no matter what foods are/are not on your dinner plate.  
Now that we've discussed the importance of love, 
get out there & SEIZE the day!!!!! 
The very last day of 2013! 
What to do, what to do.....
Cook some soup?
Make some zucchini pasta?
Do some yoga?
Read a book?
Watch a movie?
Wear your fuzzy bathrobe around the house?
Sing in the shower?
Wear your favorite compression socks?
Get lost in the Twilight Zone?
Take a salt bath?
Smile a million times?
Make SCD goodies?
Go shopping for a New Years Eve outfit?
I'm sure you'll think of something.
Lots & lots of love, 
PS Seriously though; what are your plans? Anything special?