Thursday, November 26, 2015

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG, sCdErS!! What are YOU thankful for? :) ♥︎

I could NOT let this wonderful day go by without a post. 
HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG, eVeRyOnE!! 
Coconut positively LOVES shoes. :) I can't get enough of this cutie pie. 
I hope you all were able to spend some quality time with family/friends that are basically family today. I'm so grateful/thankful for my incredibly healing family. 
(What are YOU grateful for??)
Time spent with family has the potential to lower inflammation throughout the body. ;) 
Was there laughter involved?? I hope there was, guys! Laughter is ThErApEuTiC!!
Did you have your own personal plate of Thanksgiving dinner (with plain food, no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no fruit, no grains, no potatoes, etc.), or were you able to tolerate some of the meal on its own? 
I also wanted to take the time to remind you that it's the
H O L I D A Y S.
In other words, please BE SURE to love yourself during this time of year.
Don't cave in to TeMpTaTiOn.  
Don't eat something...
or high in FODMAPs, 
or high in histamine.
Eat "YOU-friendly" FOODS to avoid a FLARE! 
Do whatever you have to do to be happy during this 'sweet' time of year, 
which is overflowing with goodies that will 
set you back for WEEKS
 I promise you that one bite of cake/pie/a cupcake/chocolate/apple/mango/brussels sprouts/potato/grapes/pineapple is NOT worth the negative consequences. 
I want to hear how WELL you are over the next month 
during the most delightful 
H O L I D A Y S 
of the year.
:) If you need any help with "YOU-friendly" snacks, 
or desserts that won't send you into a horrible flare, 
please don't hesitate to 
comment here or email me!  
Until next time, 
please be endlessly happy, be friendly to yourself, and LOVE YOUR GUT!
Lots of love, 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN, ScDeRs!!

In my previous life, I used to bake deadly CuPcAkEs to celebrate Halloween.
*The only 'deadly' thing about these cupcakes was the presence of GLUTEN!*

Nowadays, I do something a little different to 
celebrate this SpOoKy holiday.
Something more along the lines of a date that certainly keeps you on your toes.
I figured that a good ScArE would frighten away all of the inflammatory cells in my body. SO, two weeks before Halloween, Hon and I went to a haunted house. However, when we got back, something was different. It was almost as if we brought the 'HaUnTeD'-ness home with us.
HaPpY HaLlOwEeN, 

Lots of love and wellness, 

DISCLAIMER (and reason for no current photos): 
This is really the FIRST year (in a while) that I wasn't well enough to "DO" Halloween. [We ventured through a haunted forest several weeks ago.] Being an October baby, Halloween is basically my holiday. It's in my genes to LOVE Halloween. The fact that I was sick the whole week prior to this bloody holiday makes me so incredibly sad, but I'm trying to make the best of it. :) I hope YOUR guts/bodies were cooperating, and that you were able to be whoever you wanted to be on this freaky holiday! Share photos of your costumes, if you'd like to spread some ghoulish cheer!! ^__^ 
P.S. It's sort of my tradition to post on the last day of the month, so I couldn't break the code, right??? ;) 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking a moment to say... THANK YOU :)

I'm sorry, but, does it honestly get ANY cuter than this?????
My cuddle bug. Ain't she PRECIOUS?!
Pictured: Miss Coconut Cashmere Cabana, healing me more and more with each passing day. 
This post goes out to my guardian angels (you know who you are!).
I reached out to them via Facebook for help with a journalism assignment, and they immediately embraced me with open arms. 
I may be drowning in school work, 
my list of 'safe' foods may be about as long as a toothpick
my inflammation may be through the highest roof in allllllllllllll of the land, and
I may be struggling to see the light at the end of this ridiculously LeNgThY tunnel, BUT... 
 I know I will be OK and I owe it all to you guys.
I haven't been well, and you all were more than willing to assist me by providing information for my assignment. 
Turns out I received an A on the News Story. 
That A is...
totally yours
Since I can't bake you a big batch of cookies like I would have done in the past [trust me when I say I wish I could!], I'm going to try something new: 
I'm DeDiCaTiNg this blog post to you
Thank you so much for helping me with the assignment. 
I was overwhelmed by 
your love... 
warm EmBrAcE
I hope the photos of Coconut bring you smiles, too!! :) 

Monday, August 31, 2015


Bee happy
Bee optimistic
Bee silly
Bee carefree
Bee giggly
Bee playful.
Bee emotional
Bee messy
Bee creative
Bee artistic
Bee imaginative
Bee active.
Bee inspired.
Bee motivated
Bee determined
Bee tough
Bee strong
Bee committed.
Bee adventurous.
Bee daring
Bee curious
Bee outgoing
Bee confident.
Bee brave.
Bee calm
Bee hopeful
Bee alive.
Bee ambitious
Bee busy
Bee cheerful
Bee childlike
Bee affectionate
Bee delightful
Bee enthusiastic
Bee fearless
Bee fierce.
Bee joyful
Bee kind
Bee kindhearted
Bee organic
Bee natural
Bee raw
Bee grateful
Bee appreciative
Bee wild.
Bee well.
Bee healthy.  
It's been a month since we last spoke. 
This seems to be happening quite often, doesn't it? ;) 
I promise you that once I get another break from school, 
you will see more posts from me. 
 I wanted to send you all this message before August comes to a close. 
I saw this little bumble bee the other morning, and he passed along some of 
his 'bee'-utiful wisdom to me. 
My goal? My goal is to just BEE. I don't want to overthink things, 
or stress myself out about trying to be well. 
[That's easier said than done, I know... 
But, we can try.]
I just want to take things one day at a time, and just BEE
I don't want worrying about healing from these diseases 
to consume 100% of my thoughts. 
"I want to bee a busy bee, thinking about other bee-utiful things." 
And...I would love it if you guys did the same. 
Until next time, 
BEE happy, BEE tough, BEE YOU. 
Allie/Souper Douper SCDer

Friday, July 31, 2015

über busy being HAPPY and in LOVE

GAH! Sorry for the HUMONGOUS spaces in between my posts. I've been SO, SUPER, über busy with keeping myself distracted from my body. What does the trick, you ask? LOVE and HAPPINESS.
*My soulmate, and my partner in my fight against Chronic Lyme Disease.* 
I didn't want July to go by without a post, so I'm just sticking this one in before it strikes midnight!!!
My message to you on this lovely last-day-of-July evening? 
Don't let these nasty diseases keep you from smiling. Take it from me; letting these illnesses win is the LAST thing that you want to do. 
Fight through the tears, push through the pain, look for the light in your darkest of moments... and find it within your soul to let a SMILE shine on your beautiful face.
Love and healing vibes to each of my friends fighting an invisible disease, or multiple diseases. We're in this fight together. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

LOW-FODMAPs Diet: What you NEED to know

If you're on either the...
*SCD diet,
*GAPS diet, 
*Low-histamine diet,
*Lyme diet, 
*AIP diet, 
*OR, a combo of these diets, 
and you are STILL unable to achieve wellness, 
this post is for YOU. 
Bloated? Cramping? Constipated? D*******? Gas? Abdominal swelling? 
A hamburger ordered with GLUTEN-FREE specifications! Hon ate the rest of my plate. 
I'd like to introduce you to the concept of...
"What the heck is a FODMAP???"
_ _
*That's what my face looked like when I first read 
about FODMAPs, too!*
[Well, here's the secret behind the acronym]
In other words, they are...
HOWEVER,not ALL carbohydrates are lucky enough to be called FODMAPs. 
Here are the repeat offenders:
*Fructose *Lactose *Fructans 
"What do you DO with this information, you ask?"
I would recommend following a... 
LOW-FODMAP diet. ✔︎
One of the stunning views from the Washington National Monument. 
Since I suggested a LOW-FODMAP diet, you probably want to view a list of the foods that are HIGH in FODMAPs and LOW in FODMAPs so that you can feel better! 
[I got the lists of foods from THANK YOU, GUYS!!!!!]
The list is a BIT lengthy to include in this post, so please feel free to 
access the link I listed above within the brackets. 
here are some of my FAVORITE foods that I've had to cut out as a result of following a LOW-FODMAP diet. 
I'm telling you this because these foods
 might be your favorite 
foods, too! 
_ _
*Don't panic!!! I promise you that once 
these foods make their way out of your system, 
you will be ECSTATIC!!*
Scallions (the white part!)
P.S. I have had to cut these foods out for other reasons besides adhering to the LOW-FODMAP diet, but now I know to NOT add them back in!
In conclusion, 
I hope this post has helped you to understand the FODMAPs diet!
to listen to your body as you tweak 
your diet to achieve 
Lots of love, 

P.S.  I am not a doctor. This post comes from my heart, regarding my own personal experiences throughout my battle for wellness. I've gathered this information through extensive research. PLEASE feel free to contact your physician or a naturopathic doctor regarding the LOW-FODMAP diet. You may only have to be super restricted for two months, while others may have to stay on a LOW-FODMAP diet forever (such as myself). You just have to listen to your body!!!!! XOXOXOX

Friday, May 15, 2015

"Adulthood is hard." - says every parent

"Adulthood is hard." - says every parent
That's what your parents tell you when you're growing up, right? You go to your parents, asking for help with geometry homework, and they giggle. They giggle because they WISH geometry homework was on their insanely long to-do list. Everything changes when you grow up; I realize that now that I'm getting closer to being a legit adult. Childhood really is a SURREAL time in one's life that does not compare to any other period of time. 

HOWEVER, what about the things our parents DO NOT tell us about adulthood???  What about all of the MAGICAL things that come with being an adult???? Why don't our parents ever prepare us for the HAPPINESS we will experience in our future??? Those are the things we WANT to know about, moms and dads!! ;-) 

A job as a personal chef that brings you more joy than you can 
describe in words. 
Family outings that leave you out of breath from endless laughter. 
A homework buddy who purrs like a motorboat, and makes it a thousand 
times easier to write essays. 
Meeting your "SCDing sister from another mister" for the first time, 
who shares the burden 
of having an angry gut. 
Grilled drumsticks that taste delicious enough to fill the 
"dessert void" inside your gut.
A trip out on the town--with a HAPPY TUMMY--with 
your soul mate at your side.  
Getting your first PAYCHECK. 
"Adulthood might be ugly at times, but if you look closely, it can also be quite supercalifragilisticexpial-idocious." - says my heart & soul
My health has really complicated things in my life; I'll admit it. I thought I would leave my struggle for wellness BEHIND as I got older, but that doesn't appear to be the case. NOT COOL, BOD. NOT COOL.  -_- 

HOWEVER, instead of using this as fuel for anger, I've turned it into fuel for POSITIVITY and  APPRECIATION. I'm incredibly grateful for the little things in life, and I have my fickle body to thank for that. I'm proud to admit that I know how precious people are, and that pets are healing. I never miss the opportunity to tell my family/friends how much I love them. Yes, life is hard, especially as an adult (and especially when your gut has attitude problems). :-P BUT, as I've proven above, life can be rather spectacular, too. You just have to train yourself to focus on the good, not the bad. 

I hope you all are reading this, and thinking of alllllllll the things that make you smile. I'm sure it's a LENGTHY list of things, too. I also hope that for my friends with fragile bodies/tummies, I hope your body is cooperating on this LOVELY evening in May. If your tummy is not happy, I hope this post has distracted you from your bodily discomfort. I'm sending LOADS of healing vibes to each of you. :-)  Next time you're feeling frustrated, just remember that I'm fighting the fight with you, and you are NEVER alone. 

Lots of LOVE,