Friday, June 10, 2011

Foodie Friday!!! Week 1

Hi darling foodies. :)  Happy Friday!!!!  I apologize for not posting the other day; my kitchen got the best of me!!!!  I cooked entire packs of chicken thighs, ground beef, & a new batch of chicken soup.  YUM!  And guess what?...  I ate all the chicken thighs of a previous pouch the day BEFORE yesterday!!!  EEEEEEEK!!!  I'm worried that by the time I finish these newly cooked thighs I'll be plucking pesky feathers & grazing on fresh green grass.  YIKES!!!  I've GOT to find a way to wean myself off of these delicious chicken goodies.  Well, maybe not totally off...  Moving on!  

I've decided to dub today "Foodie Friday".  :)  A lot of my favorite bloggers set aside one day of the week for something special.  Just a little thing to kick up the fun for our loving readers.  SO, here's the dealio!  Every Friday, I'm going to pose a question regarding the SCD diet: how it has affected your personal/business life, what foods you have/have not reacted to, your favorite dishes (ex. banana pancakes), & the positive changes you've experienced while being on the diet so as to encourage others to take the plunge too!!!  :)  Then you guys & gals can respond, igniting a huge magical conversation!!  I think it'll be interactive, exciting, motivating, & beneficial to anyone on the SCD diet or those hesitant to try it!  I hope you all have a blast with this!!  Here's my first "Foodie Friday" question!!

What's your story? Basically, what drove you to go onto the SCD diet? Was it Crohn's Disease? IBS? UC? Celiac Disease? 

Okay, here goes nothin'!!! :)  Please feel free to open your heart & let me, along with everyone else, throw our love right back atcha!!  Hugs & happy thoughts to you all.  See you tomorrow. <3 (p.s. can't wait to read your responses!) 



  1. Allie,
    I almost cried, I am so proud of you and happy for you and your amazing progress!!
    Keep up the good work and I cant wait to keep following!

  2. So, I am about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on SCD! I figured I'd give an update on me and my current health. I know this really helps newbies and those who are thinking of starting SCD. I read these stories often when I started for motivation!

    A little background: I have Crohns disease. I started with symptoms over 10 years ago and honestly can remember "tummy issues" even as a child. When I was a kid, they really just wrote it off as being a milk intolerance though. In my 20s, I battled with chronic stomach pain, indigestion, constipation which later turned into d, and numerous hospital visits. I had 3 colonoscopies and all 3 doctors wrote me off as IBS and sent me packing with pills. I tried Atkins at one point to just lose some weight and found it actually helped my issues. I did a little digging at the time and decided to go gluten free. While it helped my symptoms, it didn't eradicate the issues I was having. In 2008, I had a terrible flare that landed me in the hospital and finally got the diagnoses of Crohns from a CT scan. I cried-at least I had an answer. I had had doctors over the years basically tell me I was nuts, prescribed me numerous anti-depressant meds and had even been referred to a pain management clinic..sigh. I was put on Pentasa and did ok until 2010 when I had my daughter. I was so sick after her that I literally could not even take care of her plus I was recovering from a c-section-not a good combo.

    I started researching right away! I went to the CCFA forums ( but that's where I first read about SCD. At the same time, unbeknown to me, my aunt had ordered me the book and it arrived a few days later. I read BTVC and was sold..I started the next day!

    While I can't say I had amazing results in the first 2 months, I could tell a difference. I added s.boulardii and the d stopped! Yay!! I've tinkered with some things over the past year to make SCD work for me. I make the soup every week and eat it as a's such a great healing soup and really helps battle inflammation. I also went high protein/low carb for a while during one of my 3 month flares which pulled me right out! I cut out fruit for a while to battle candida and I'm definitely still low fruit to control that;) Candida is pretty tough to battle-I've switched up antifungals every 2 weeks. It was worth every effort.

    And here I am a year later! I'm med free except LDN which I added about 5 weeks ago. It's helped with some other issues I have and honestly my gut feels a bit stronger from it. I'm not running to a bathroom everyday and I finally feel free from the gut issues that have plagued me for so long. I still have a ways to go but I know my life will always have SCD in. Thank you to everyone here for your unending guidance in my journey. I may not post often (chasing after 2 kids!) but I'm typically reading. I also run an SCD support group on facebook. I started that because I was already an admin on a Crohns/colitis page and the need was there. I'm trying to pay it forward in any way I can;)

    My advice to newbies: stick with it! Adjust SCD and tailor it to you! Don't do any illegals-you will pay for it and the price is high. It can be easy to fall off the wagon. I did not but that's because my quest to get better consumed me more than a craving for chocolate. That craving will pass anyways;)

    In good health,

  3. I posted the above today at one of my other SCD groups. I've come a long way in a years time! keep up all the great work Allie!


  4. Emily,
    Cupcake!!!!!!! Thank you, that means the world to me!!!!!! Really & truly!!!! <3 I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support!! Thanks for the love, I'm sending it right back to you!!!! xoxox Can't wait to hear what you think of my blog posts to come!! LOVE YOU! <3

  5. Tiffany,
    Thank you for responding!!! Your story is raw, full of emotion, encouraging, & beautiful!! There aren't words to describe how much I have appreciated having you in my life while on the SCD!!! :) You're my hero!! Keep up your dedication & know I'm here!! Hugs!! <3