Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!!!!! :)

Afternoon, foodies!!!! :) 

How is everyone? I've missed our chats!! I'm back from Wyoming!! It was truly the most magical vacation I've ever been on!! The SCD diet never even crossed my mind!! The little town of Jackson turned out to be full of hidden treasures & was bursting with personality. Susie & I felt right at home!!! I succeeded in booking us four nights at a cute motel right outside of town, which was extremely convenient!! Spending the 4th of July in Jackson was nothing short of outstanding, either!! Everything about our trip was perfect. :) 

Susie & I spent two full days driving through both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. :) The scenic views & endless sightings of wildlife were absolutely spectacular. Phenomenal weather, beautiful landscapes, animal encounters, infinite perfection. We could not have asked for a better adventure in Wyoming. Believe it or not, we were lucky enough to see a BLACK BEAR!!!!!!!!! I exploded with amazement & excitement. My dream finally came true!!!! On top of that, we also saw several large herds of elk, tons & tons of bison (most up close & personal!), bald eagles, ospreys, pronghorns, antelopes, & a GRIZZLY BEAR with a CUB!!!!!!! WOW! Completely unbelievable!! :) Seeing these graceful animals in their natural habitat really brightened my life. The geysers & hot springs were insanely incredible as well. The sulfur smell... Not too delightful though. On the other hand, Old Faithful was jaw-dropping!!!! I managed to catch her show on film. :) I can relive her performance whenever I please! Thank you Susie for this unforgettable vacation!!! <3 

**MOST IMPORTANTLY** I must say that none of this trip would have been possible had I not come prepared with the proper foods & storage containers. We packed: 

  • 11 mason jars full of chicken soup
  • about 12 hard-boiled eggs 
  • frozen pre-cooked chicken thighs 
  • frozen pre-cooked beef meatballs 
  • a container of spinach
  • a tub of DCCC
  • several bunches of ripe bananas
  • 10 zucchinis 
  • 6 cans of sardines in olive oil
  • 4 cans of salmon 
  • 2 large bottles of Welch's 100% white grape juice 
  • salt (optional) 

Traveling while on the SCD is possible. :) Other big pluses include a large cooler, a micro-fridge (standard in most hotel/motel rooms), & plenty of glass snap-ware containers to keep the food in. Once all those are accounted for, buckle up & take a road trip!!! Never let your dietary restrictions keep you back. Consider going to Wyoming next time you leave the house. ;) I hear it is quite gorgeous there. 

Stay healthy, foodies!!!! Eat plenty of tasty foods & continue on your path to wellness! <3 p.s. check out some photos from my trip, especially the one of our fridge! :)  

Geyser!!! :) 

Bison right across the road from us. WOW :) 

A glimpse of a grizzly bear!!!!! :D 

Yellowstone River, I believe :) 

Our micro-fridge! Isn't the soup gorgeous? :) The meatballs & eggs are in the drawer, along
with some local Wyoming beef on the top row. 



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