Saturday, July 16, 2011

My "Phenomenal Frittatas"!!!!!

Good evening, foodies!!!!! :) I've got an irresistible recipe for you!!!! These "Phenomenal Frittatas" won't last more than 5 minutes in your kitchen. Prepare to be entirely & happily satisfied!! Here's the recipe. 
  • 10 organic eggs
  • 2 cups of organic baby spinach
  • 1 cups of organic zucchini pasta (sauteed or microwaved, however you prefer) 
  • .5 cup of DCCC 
*makes 12 frittatas using a cupcake pan* 

Before anything else, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. To begin, toss your eggs, spinach, & DCCC into a blender. Run it on low until the spinach is chopped enough to your liking. We haven't figured out what to use to prevent them from sticking but olive oil was our oil of choice for tonight. Divvy up the zucchini pasta among the 12 cupcakes. Carefully pour your egg/spinach/DCCC mixture in on top of the zucchini. Bake between 25-30 minutes. :)  Once finished, you may want to use a dull knife to cut around the rim of the frittatas; they tend to stick to the pan. I then had to take a spoon & shimmy them out but it was completely worth it. VOILA!!!!!!!! Dig into one of your incredibly mouth-watering frittatas & forget all about any restrictions of the SCD diet!!! :) 

Enjoy, foodies!!!! And please let me know if you can prevent them from sticking & how!! :) I've tried butter & olive oil with no luck!! <3


  1. Allie, those look DELICIOUS! Even non-SCDers would enjoy them. Your pictures are beautiful and could be in a professional food magazine! One question....what is DCCC?

  2. Thank you, Stephanie!!!! :) I love to cook & share the joy of it through my photographs!! DCCC is the abbreviation for "dry curd cottage cheese". It's a SCD-legal cheese & it's quite perfect for recipes!!! I buy mine at Whole Foods. :)

  3. Allie,

    I've heard that using a silicone muffin pan will work so they don't stick. I'm looking for one so I'll let you know if it works as soon as I find one. Thanks for publishing your recipies!

    Good Luck!