Thursday, July 14, 2011

before & AFTER!!! 3 months tomorrow!!!!! :)

Good morning, foodies!!!! :) Tomorrow is my three-months day & I've decided to put together a little 'before & after' piece. It kills me to look at these photos. I can feel the pain rush through my entire body. YUCK. :( Not a single food under the sun has the power to turn me back to THAT way of living, no matter how tasty its additives, syrups, colors, & artificial flavorings may disguise it to be. It is SCD from now on. I like the new me a whole lot more: new brain, new heart, new mind, new body, new system. (I'm lucky I was able to find any photos from that ill part of my life; I absolutely resented a camera.)

Before :( My sickest year from '09 to '10

Swollen & unbearably uncomfortable :( 
Attempting to look happy in my skin-tight body suit  :'( 
Nearing my heaviest, hating myself - (late summer of '09) :( 
At my heaviest, 20 pounds overweight (142 lbs. at roughly 5'3") - (winter of '09)  :'(
At my worst March of '10. SO swollen, full-body fatigue, trouble breathing,
no self-esteem, complete misery :(

After (on the SCD) :) April '11 to present

15 days into the diet & already feeling like a new woman :)
About 1 month on the diet, continuing to feel better & better  :)
Nearing 2 months on the diet, feeling AWESOME!!! :)  All the 20 pounds are GONE!
Continuing to feel magical, unafraid to be photographed :) 
Approaching the 3 months point :D Very little swelling, hardly any fatigue, peaceful mind, loving heart, healthy SCD foods, NEW ME!!!!

Phew, wipin' away the tears of joy. This has been an incredible journey & I could not be more thankful for having stumbled upon the SCD diet. I'm truly touched that you all have chosen to join me on my path to wellness & I sincerely hope it will inspire you to take the leap & make a change for yourselves, too!!! :) I'll be celebrating tomorrow so look out for a post. <3 Perhaps a new delicious recipe? ;) Stay happy & be healthy, foodies!!!! 


  1. Oh Allie......I am THRILLED for you!!!
    Love, Stephanie

  2. Thank you, Stephanie!!!!!!! :) I really appreciate that!!! I'm pretty thrilled too!! WOOHOO!!! <3 -Allie

  3. Allie you look amazing! Im so happy for you and I miss you :)

    Caitlin Megonigal

  4. Wow, thank you Caitlin!!!! :) I've been working really hard to get to this point & I couldn't be happier!!!!!! I miss you too!!!!!!!!

  5. Woot woot! You go woman! Keep on doing what makes you happy! You look absolutely pulchritudinous Ms.PishPosh! :)

  6. :) Thank youuu!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! I shall keep on goin', no doubt about that!!!! Aww, thanks!! My hard work is paying off! -Allie-

  7. AMAZING, saw the transformation with my own eyes. You deserve it, sticking to it and never giving up. Besides looking GREAT, I know how much better you feel. Onward and upward!!!!

    Rocky Mountain High!

  8. got ur site from 'wanted:Crohns end' your blog, very impressive...even thought i don't know you, i am very happy for you as i am for anyone who can turn their life around like that, very inspirational! daughter (13yrs) has very bad colitis (whole colon) and we have been on a path of using only natural stuff, no meds...she has days of ups and downs...and we've changed alot of eating habits, but reading your blog is even more convincing to go the SCD route, even though i know it's going to be hard to kick the the sweets (what little i allow her still)....but since i live in Europe, where can i get more info about SCD diet?...thanks for your great story!!!

  9. Susie- Thank you SO much!!!!! :) It has been truly amazing! And you're right about that; I feel great AND look great, too! The best of both worlds!!!! I've been sticking to the SCD diet 100% since day 1 & it's completely worth it!! <3 Thanks for the support!! :) -Allie-

  10. Well thank you very much!!! :) I wanted to be well more than anything in the world. If adhering to a strict (but extremely tasty & satisfying!!) diet meant feeling great, being able to concentrate again, eating without consequences, loving myself for who I am, & smiling about life, then why not?! :) I was around 12 years old when my life really began taking a few turns for the worst. She's very lucky to have you by her side!! I'm sorry to hear about her severe colitis, but happy to hear about your choices to make things right! It IS possible! :) And if you do choose to start her on the SCD diet, I (along with others) will be there for you two!!

    I've got several links for you that will educate you more on the SCD diet. And a book, too! It's called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet", written by Elaine Gottschall. READ IT!!!!!!! Here are the links! :)

    join the SCD Support Group page on facebook! I'm an admin. for the page, along with Tiff!!! :)

    I hope this helps you & I'm thrilled to have met you & inspired you with my blog! Contact me any time! -Allie-

  11. Michelle IadarolaJuly 18, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    Allie, you look amazing and more importantly, you feel amazing. My 17 y/o daughter has Crohns and is on SCD now 6 months and like yourself, looks and feels healthier than ever before. She was diagnosed at age 11. SCD can be challenging sometimes but with a positive attitude and the will to can be done. Keep up the good work kiddo...

  12. Thank you very much, Michelle!! I have spent nearly all of my life being sick, dealing with broken bones, missing school, fighting bad infections, hating everything. Now I'm old enough to really & truly take a stand against it all & get better. I had tried practically everything else under the sun: raw food diet, all-protein diet, no fruit or other sugars (diabetic diet), meat/cheese/nuts diet, not much eating of anything. Nothing worked until I started the SCD diet. It's been a miraculous change & I couldn't be happier. I want nothing more than to follow the SCD diet & lead a positive life. Wow, congrats to your daughter Michelle!!! That's phenomenal!! :) Yes, it can be slightly challenging at times. But when that happens, I remind myself of the tough times before the diet & then I smile & cherish what I've got now. With the right support & your own will to commit, anything is possible! Thank you, Michelle! I certainly will!! p.s. look for a book by me one day. :)