Monday, July 25, 2011

A Better Day

A "jimmy dean" (but a billion times healthier & tastier) kind of morning :)

SCD brilliant breakfast sandwich
  • 1 organic egg, microwaved
  • a handful of organic baby spinach leaves, microwaved
  • 2 chicken pancakes (pre-cooked chicken & eggs, amount varies)
Good morning, foodies. I'm happy to report that I'm feeling a lot better today. Slowly but surely, my body is recovering from the set back & returning back to its healthy state. :) All I can say is... HOORAY for chicken soup!!!!!! It's truly a miraculous concoction every time! Anyway, I was leisurely going through my outrageously large collection of photos when I came across this scrumptious shot! Breakfast is my most significant meal of the day so I like to make it as enjoyable as possible. This sandwich is from earlier on towards the beginning of my SCD days & I experienced some difficulty digesting it; the chicken pancakes were too dense for me. I've come a long way since then so I'm hoping I can tolerate it now!! :) As mentioned above amongst my list of ingredients, this can be fixed in a jiffy!! Although, the pancakes may need to be made ahead of time if you run short on time in the mornings. Things can be added to kick it up a notch as well! Whatever your body can tolerate right now, feel free to incorporate into this breakfast sandwich! Let me know of your variations! Well, I'm off to get lost in the eccentric world of Stephen King literature. Toodles, foodies!! <3 Stay happy & healthy & REMEMBER SCD is the way to live. :)   

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