Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting to Know You!

Hi there, foodies!!!!!  

How is everyone?  Feelin' energetic, happy, & healthy?  Indulge in any extremely scrumptious meals lately?  I truly hope you all answered YES to these questions!!! :) (pictured below is what I decided to enjoy earlier this evening. MMMMM!!!!!!)  
Zucchini pasta with a tbsp. of olive oil & a smidgen of DCCC 
I'm posting tonight with my foodies in mind.  I'd like to shine some light on my current poll; you can find it directly to the right of my "Blog Bits & Pieces".  Speaking as an SCDer myself, I know from personal experience that the SCD diet can be quite tough.  The food selection can seem a bit drab at times, people might accuse you of being crazy, the urge to cheat may be somewhat unbearable, all the cooking becomes very exhausting...  For some of you, the list continues.  In reality, the SCD diet is a job.  A full-time commitment & all the pressure falls on YOU.  If you want to be successful, YOU have to put aside the time to find the appropriate foods, YOU have to want it, YOU have to cook some meatballs if you're trying to kill off a craving for an illegal, YOU have to fight through a severe "die-off" if you ever want to reach the other side.  Having family support helps a lot, but it's still YOUR body.  The best thing for an SCDer is another SCDer who knows EXACTLY what you're going through: emotionally & physically.  As a blogger, I post in hopes of answering your questions, providing some emotional support, recommending certain foods/yummy recipes, introducing new aspects/thoughts regarding the SCD diet, & (most importantly) reminding people that you really can love life while tackling the SCD diet.  I posted this poll to see what you all struggle with the most.  By letting me know what your biggest problem is while on the SCD, I can properly gauge what I need to do/say to help you the most.  It'll allow me to become a more well-rounded SCD blogger & develop a closer relationship with you guys, my foodies.  So please, feel free to take the poll.  I'll keep it posted for about 3 weeks. :) 

<3 Lots of hugs & love to any of you SCDers going through a rough patch right now. I'm here for you!!!! And feel free to send me a personal email (listed on my profile) if you'd like! :)   

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