Friday, July 15, 2011

3 Months Celebration!!!!! (YAY FOOD!)

Gooood morning, foodies!!!!! :) HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Today I'm presenting all the delicious foods I'll be indulging in to celebrate making it 3 successful & 100% legal months on the SCD diet. I must warn you that they might not be fabulous quality pictures; my camera has gone M.I.A. Anyway, WOOHOO!! I'm hoping it'll prove that you DO NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) have to resort to hunger on the SCD diet. I happily eat a decent amount of delicious food everyday; I never feel as if I'm living without. 

To begin, I posted several pictures of my divine banana ice cream with a subtle sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in. As you can see, I have enough ice cream to feed the entire SCD community; in actuality, it's just enough to share with my aunt & cousins without running out after two scoops!!!! :) But no really, this batch will last us quite a long time thank goodness. It's my cure for when I'm 'itching to nibble': great for those who have a desire to eat something they shouldn't!! The consistency was a lot more smoothie-like this time, but if I had had the patience to let the banana chunks freeze longer I probably would've gotten a more ice cream-like product in the end.  

This became more scoop-able like ice cream after I placed it in the freezer all day :) 

What you'll see below are the tasty foods I cooked up for the rest of the day. Local grass-fed Teton ground beef 93% lean, hard-boiled eggs, & certified organic chicken thighs. MMM!!!!! Positively delicious. Zucchinis would've been part of the list if I hadn't run out of them after last night's dinner!! And please do forgive me for not posting a shot of the actual meatballs I conjured up today; I ate them before I got the chance to catch a picture!! :) 

See? You can eat plenty of incredibly satisfying foods on the SCD diet. Patience is the key to your success. :) As time goes on, your food repertoire will grow & therefore your recipes will mature as well!! Just let your body heal & the rest will come with it. 

Today marks 3 months of being a SCDer & I am proud to say that I had an entirely magical day full of hope, satisfaction, happiness, encouragement, & love. Here's to another 3 months of delight!!!!!! :) Thanks for all your support, foodies. I'll talk to you again soon!! <3
p.s. look out for a post regarding the inconvenience of the SCD diet  


  1. To make your banana ice-cream is it just bananas and cinnamon? It looks great! :)


  2. :) Yes!!! That's it!!! Thank you, it is truly incredible!! I'm sure you'll enjoy every last bite!