Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Moving Forward!!

Howdy, foodies!!! :) It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back & full of excitement!!! 

My fruit setback & kidney stones (ouch!!) are things of the past!!! I've moved on & am currently feeling better than ever!! Next Monday will mark my 4 months as an SCDer & I couldn't be happier. The changes I've experienced since April 15th have been both scary & absolutely magical. My mind is back!! My brain is clear!! My body is what it should be!!! I feel like MYSELF!!!!! :) What a phenomenal concept! I may have some kinks here & there but I don't feel sick anymore. WOO!! And the best part is... I'm going BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!! College is calling & I'm ready to respond! Slowly but surely, I will earn a college degree. Two classes to start next semester, another two the following semester. I feel comfortable with that. Then if everything goes smoothly & I continue to succeed on the SCD diet (I'm 100% positive I will), I shall return to the university I first attended as a freshman in '09. FROSTBURG STATE, LOOK OUT!!!!! :) Once a bobcat, always a bobcat. <3 

Along with those positive highlights, my cooking has escalated from tasty to GOURMET!!! :) I've kicked ground chicken up several notches! Not only do I make easy-peezy chicken nuggets, I also make delicious chicken burgers!!! The explosion of flavor is out of this world!!! Carrots have become somewhat of a dessert for me as well. I chop them into little bits, sprinkle some cinnamon, pop them in the microwave for about 45 seconds, then BAM! Microwaved cinnamony carrots! DELISH!! Not a bad substitute for any other standard dessert item. If you have a problem with carbs though, I recommend pairing this with a protein side dish like a hard-boiled egg. :) 

Here are the scrumptious chicken dishes I was referring to. The omelette has salmon but it was too tasty not to mention!! ;) I hope you give one of them or all of them a try, I'm sure you will absolutely love everything!!! :) Happy cooking, healthy living, constant SCDing!! <3 

B.O.C. (breakfast of champions) omelette with org. eggs, wild-caught Alaskan salmon, DCCC, & org. zucchini chunks cooked on the skillet with a dash of cold-pressed org. olive oil. DELISH! :)  

Chow-down chicken burgers with ground chicken, org. spinach, & DCCC cooked on the skillet greased with a little org. butter. YUM! :)   

Cooked & ready to enjoy!! :) 

A juicy sneak peek of the tasty burger.  :) MMMM!!!! 

Chicken nuggets!!! JUST ground chicken thighs! A little love, too. :) 


  1. these almost make me wish i wasn't a vegetarian! you make everything sound delicious!!

  2. Thanks maria!!!!!! :) I'll eat just about anything with ground chicken as the main ingredient!! If you ever come to the other side, you know who to go to!! ;) <3