Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SCD the gourmet way!

Why hello there, darling foodies!!!!! :) 

It's been a few days since I last posted; I've been extremely preoccupied with feeling fabulous!!!!!!! Things are moving right along for me. I seem to have achieved the perfect balance of carbs & proteins, with a new hint of fats. In addition to that, my body has decided to run smoothly like a well-oiled machine! This past Friday I introduced swiss cheese with no problems!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I know, I'm cheering about cheese??? It can't be! Alas, I must tell you it's true. I loved it. Me, the all-time cheese hater. :) Funny how the SCD changes your taste buds, isn't it? To continue with the magic, I introduced almond butter on Sunday & so far have experienced NO problems!!!! DELISH!!!! The particular legal brand we bought delivers an intensely decadent nutty flavor; it's safe to say I treat it as a dessert!! Goodbye peanut butter. Almond butter is here to stay. :) Last night I took a leap of faith & introduced SHRIMP! Let's just pretend that I ate it like a lady & didn't inhale it like a loose animal in the kitchen... I mean, come on. Would you expect any different from a hopeful & hungry SCDer?? I think not. ;)

Anyway, onto the tasty things in life!! I've somehow forgotten to post these pictures you see below & for that, I do apologize!! :) The first dish is what I like to call my "Mock Potatoes, Anyone?" mashed cauliflower mounds. To the naked tongue, you couldn't distinguish between mashed potatoes & my mashed cauliflower mounds!! A beautiful compilation of carbs, protein, & fat: cauliflower, DCCC, butter. I steamed the cauliflower until it reached the maximum level of mush, then mixed in the cheese & a little butter to kick it up a few notches. I then scooped out mounds of the mixture onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet to freeze as ready-to-cook snacks in the future!!! Thanks for the genius idea, mom! <3 Anything to eat on the go is a nice treat for a SCDer. The second dish is known as my "Too Delicious" chicken burgers with broccoli, DCCC, fresh lemon juice, & ground pepper. Another delightful combination of protein & carbs. I cooked these up & found them to be too good to stop at one. I think I ate 3 in one sitting! :) I simply emptied the ground chicken thighs into a baking bowl along with a hefty amount of DCCC, a boatload of lemon juice, several stalks of steamed broccoli, & a nice pinch of ground pepper. Then using a large spoon, I mixed it all together & dropped the burgers onto my greased skillet to be cooked. PERFECTO!!!!! :) Pop these in the fridge & save them for later OR inhale several of them right off the skillet. Whichever you prefer!!!! 

Well, I'm off to create a SCD bumper sticker!!! :) Look out for a sneak preview in the upcoming future. I sincerely hope you guys try out my goodies!! Their flavors come through in EVERY BITE!!!!! Love you all. <3 

Absolutely, positively, 100% delicious :) 

Addicting, irresistible, juicy burgers the RIGHT way :D


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