Friday, December 2, 2011

Never again

Next time I find myself feeling blah or doubting the success of the SCD, I'll read this post. Or better yet, I'll take a peek inside my old diary. A trip down memory lane. Never again will I allow myself to feel this way. NEVER!!!! Here's an entry out of my diary from November 29, 2006. Almost exactly 5 years ago. Oh & just to warn you, it's a bit rough around the edges... 

"What a day from hell! I have been in shit pain ALL f***ing day! My legs have f***ed me since I woke up this morning. What the f*** is up with that?!? I don't deserve this hellish life when I've never sinned a time in my life."

Reading this brings tears to my eyes. Not only out of sadness but also out of anger. Anger toward all the doctors I've seen over the years who did NOTHING to help guide me in the right direction. FORGET THAT!!!!!! All the more reason for me to take my health into my own hands & figure it out alone. Well guess what? That's precisely what I did. I became a dedicated SCDer almost 8 months ago & I refuse to turn back. I've come so far!!! :) It's SCD from here on out. 

This semester is coming to a close & I find that I'm barely able to contain my excitement. I WENT BACK TO SCHOOL & DID IT!!!!!!!! I did it & loved it. I went to class & grinned. I read my textbooks & retained the information. I studied 24/7 & time went by like a flash. I felt like a genuine college student. :) It's the most wonderful Christmas present I have ever received. And another outstanding thing? I only missed ONE class all semester!!!! That's a HUGE deal for this girl! I also passed every quiz with flying colors. The tests, too!! Two more major triumphs!!! Man, I don't need Santa to bring me anything this year. All my wishes have come true. I get to safely eat my heart out everyday, I am able to make it through a semester of school with hardly any skid-marks or bruises, I can go days upon days with very little to no pain. That's everything I've ever wanted. Ever. 

So my goal for this year? Hit 5,000 hits on my blog. :) Do you guys think I can do it?? I hope!!!! With two finals coming up, posting might be a tiny bit tricky but if I manage my time wisely, I think it can be done. Speaking of which, off to write my two final papers!! Then possibly cook up some ground chicken & parsley meatballs. YUM!!!!! Happy Friday everyone. Make something incredibly delectable today! 

xoxox, Allie 

Oh & since I love you guys, here's a few delicious photos. Try to restrain yourself from attacking your computer screen. I know it'll be hard... 



  1. So pleased everything's going good for you!

  2. Super inspiring post!! Keep up the terrific work!