Saturday, December 10, 2011

The BIG week!!!

Christmas is in two weeks?! Where has this month gone?! To be more exact, where has this year gone?! People weren't kidding when they warned me time flies when you're having fun. Better catch up & enjoy these last few days of 2011 before it's over! :) 

Quick! Time for the exciting stuff! I must tell you that my dear & darling friend of what feels like forever, Emily Jane Butler, is hosting a LIVE, worldwide SCD Holiday Class & Party next Tuesday, December 13th (different times for each time zone are listed on her site)!!!! Here's all the important details!!! I kindly beg of you to join in on the fun! It's going to be great! :D

In addition to that amazing event, I have another major thing coming up next week. Two BIG things, both of which fall on the same day. Firstly, I'll be taking my last final on Thursday for psychology which means the END of this semester. YIPPEE!!!! Secondly, I'll be celebrating my 8 MONTHS as a SCDer!!! WOW!!! :D Just thinking about that takes my breath away. I wouldn't say I doubted I'd come this far but I will admit that it's been tough at times & the going has gotten harder. But with every day that's passed, the benefits of sticking to the diet have increased. :) It's been the most rewarding habit I've ever adopted in my entire life & I could not be more grateful/thankful/appreciative/relieved/overjoyed about it. 

After a whole day of positivity & wishful thinking, I am ready to call it a night. Oh, & I managed to walk 2.5 miles today as well. :) I think I'll go down to my basement, pop in a little 30-minute holiday film, then crawl into bed. Sounds lovely to me! I was hoping to post some tasty shots of delicious chicken/veggies but the last few photos I captured did the food NO justice. They were taken too quickly. Word to the wise, don't try to photograph your food when you're hungry. It never works out in your favor! ;) 
Hugs to you all & goodnight!! See you again soon. 

p.s. Almost 4,300 hits!!! WOOO!!!! I think reaching 5,000 is quite possible! :) 

Okay, so I did happen to stumble upon a scrumptious photo of some chicken. What a surprise, right? You'd think I went to the grocery store only to buy chicken... 

Organic chicken thighs heavily seasoned with cumin, coriander, & the miracle stuff aka turmeric. SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  

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