Saturday, December 31, 2011


Savory donuts. Can you believe it?! 
A labor of love. Comfy Belly's donut recipe except without honey! Thanks Erica!!! :) Mine have a mixture of basil & oregano with lemon zest on top. MMMM! 
Dear 2011, 
I'm at a loss of words! Over the past 12 months, you've done nothing but push me, squish me, twist me, yank me, trip me, test me, tempt me, pressure me, anger me, delight me, surprise me, challenge me, the whole nine yards. But most importantly, you've taught me. You've taught me to think for myself, to question what I read, to look for answers, to try until I succeed, to trust my gut, to roast veggies (haha!), to stand tall, to not be afraid, to reinvent my future, to cry when necessary, to laugh with friends, to blog, to reach out for help, to BE ME. I cannot thank you enough. It has been far from easy but, I crossed the finish line. That's all that matters. :) You've properly prepared me for 2012. I'm ready for it!!!! It was lovely getting to know you but it's time to say our goodbyes. Cheers & au revoir! 
With much love & appreciation, 

PHEW! What a year!!! Can't believe I made it to the end with a smile on my face. :) Most of it was spent as an SCDer & I'm thankful for that everyday. I have learned more than I can comprehend. Knowledge is power, folks! Although, the group of ladies & gents I've grown to positively adore might be my favorite part. Through it all, I have met the most sincere, generous, loving, supportive, & wonderful people. They've been my guardian angels from the beginning. With their help, I have successfully adhered to the diet for over 8 months now. If not for their words of encouragement, I doubt I would be where I am today. And thank you readers, for listening & helping my blog grow!!!!! Here are some of the people that have become a huge part of my life. 

I love you all from the bottom of my heart. This would have been an impossible task without you.

Now you're probably wondering why this post is called "Unwritten". My future is unwritten!!! It changes everyday & you know what? I'm okay with that. The struggles I've faced with my health have encouraged me to take a step back & really focus on what will work for Allie Brown, not the rest of the world. Today I'm feeling like pursuing the career of a park ranger will be too difficult for me & my health. This split second I'm strongly leaning toward becoming a nutrition coach & livin' in the city! Will I feel that way tomorrow? Most likely YES. But perhaps instead of a nutrition coach, I'll actually become a nutritionist! :) Instead of relocating to Colorado, how about New York City? I'm sure I'd meet tons of health bloggers there! The options are endless. I've had to put my health first & this is where it's lead me. I'm going to make it work for ME. Watch out, 2012! I've got major plans. 

Hope you enjoyed the donuts I made as well! Savory little cuties. :) Who said donuts HAVE to contain sugar? I suppose I'll end the post with... 

✭ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! ✭ 
Have a fabulous time tonight either dining out (SCD-friendly!) or dining in, watching the ball drop, & openly embracing the new year! 
, Allie


  1. Allie, finally i found you and your amazing blog....your commitment is so inspiring. by the way, this is my first blog EVER!!!!! who says an old girl cant change? I am looking forward to be active part of your adventure...hope to be able to share some of my own experience with foods that do the opposite of feed me. now i want to read about these savory donuts....Happy New Year,,,,2012 has some wonderfulness in store for both of us

  2. Oh, Allie, gfreedancer is me, your cousin Gail

  3. Go for your dreams..there's really nothing to stop you! Hope you have an awesome 2012! Hugs!

  4. I have nominated you for a Liebster (although i think u have one already) but i had to include you in my 5 because you have been a big influence in my progress thus far. thank you fellow Allie!