Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm thankful for the SCD! :)

Our 2 pre-roasted salted & peppered chickens; one brined with roasted garlic, lemon juice, bay leaves,  salt, pepper, & olive oil. AMAZING!

Our organic veggies before we roasted them. Lots of chopping/prepping to do beforehand!! 

Our cheerful heart-warming dining room. :) 

The finished product!!! :D Absolutely phenomenal!

My SCD plate of deliciousness. :) 

The desserts my darling mom & I slaved over. All made from scratch! I know they were good; they were made with lots of love. 
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!! :) I hope your day was full of chopping, cleaning, slicing, chomping, devouring, roasting, baking, gawking, overindulging, smiling, laughing, loving, & wishing. Wishing that the day would never end! This was my first turkey day on the SCD & it was a huge success!!!! Every one of the ten individuals sitting around our dining room table left satisfied & astronomically happy! How was your dinner on this heart-warming, appreciative evening? Hugs to you all & to all a good night! :) 

...I'm off to the couch to rest. SO much chicken!!!!!! ;) 

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