Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time Flies When You're SCDin'

Don't think the SCD works? Check this out. 

I've been on the SCD for SIX MONTHS today. OH.MY.GOD!!!!!!!!!!! :D They have truly been the most magical six months of my entire life. It's difficult to find the right words to describe just how happy I am with the "new" me so I thought I'd post a few pictures. These photos speak louder than any words I could come up with... Ugh, just glancing at them makes me sick to my stomach. 

Now tell me you don't think the diet works. Yeah, I thought so. 
BAM! The SCD performs miracles. :) 
Nasty, nasty, NASTY. :( Face as round as the moon.

My body keeping my sanity hostage.

Wait for it... 

22 lbs. lighter, a billion times happier, infinitively healthier, a trillion times better all around
  Amazing, right?!?!?! :D That's the SCD for you!! I call it my secret weapon. Err... I didn't mean to say that!!! Shhhh!!!! You never read any of this! ;) 

Take the plunge & get yourselves healed, folks. All you have to do is EAT the RIGHT foods!!!! Look out for what I cooked up on my 20th birthday. My gourmet meals will BLOW YOUR MIND! 
<3, Allie  

p.s. thanks so much for joining me on this epic journey. I have loved every minute of it. :)   

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  1. Way to go Allie! Keep it up. I've return to SCD after years of remission but for the 7 years I was on it I was in the best shape of my life with no pain. This time around is going to be easier as SCD is much more popular and common on the Internet.

    You should be very proud of yourself, good stuff!