Monday, October 31, 2011

BOO!!!! :) Happy Halloween!!!

Whoever said Halloween treats had to be made with chocolate & refined sugar was completely off their rocker. I do believe it's possible to take any common food such as an egg & turn it into an eerily adorable dish. See for yourself!! :) 

One egg carefully cooked using a cookie cutter, ground peppercorn for the spider stencil, & two peppercorns for the eyes! 

Or even a slice of cheesecake turned into a mischievous little bat!! How easy is that?! 

An ordinary piece of cheesecake transformed into a bat using a tin cookie cutter. 

So maybe these treats aren't full of gluten, or sugar, or artificial flavors, or anything out of a box. Who cares!! No one needs to eat that junk anyway... These are cute, healthy, & extremely easy to conjure up!! :) 

I hope my goodies have inspired you to look in your fridge & spice cabinet for the proper ingredients needed to create something clever & spooky for this creepy holiday. Now go have fun!! 
<3, Allie 

"Eye See You!!!!!" :) Chicken eyeballs with cilantro, DCCC, slice of an olive, & a peppercorn in the middle  over a bed of zucchini pasta (raw for the picture)
I thought my post was finished earlier but no... Another scary idea popped into my head!!! Creepy huh?! :) Definitely the spookiest dish I came up with this year. Once again, incredibly easy to make & oh SO scrumptious!!!!!! Put this together for Halloween dinner tonight. Mmm, mmm, ghoulishly tasty!! ;) Hope you've been having a spooktacular night!!!! 

xoxo, Allie

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