Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chicken Addicts Anonymous (C.A.A.)

Marinated chicken thighs that lasted no more than 5 minutes... Oops. 
Time to confess a few things about myself. Number one, I am a bookworm. Stephen King continues to be my favorite author. Number two, I am a computer geek. Apple products all the way!! Number three, I am such a fan of books & computers that I rarely find time for both!!!! This would explain why it's been a whole 11 days since I posted last. Whoops! :) Okay, now that I've cleared that up, back to the important thing: food! 

I'm sure you noticed my enticing photo of marinated chicken thighs & immediately thought to yourself, "is she going to eat ALL of those?!". To answer your question, absolutely positively. I enjoyed every single bite! :) I happen to be the biggest fan of chicken thighs in case you weren't already aware. These were especially delicious because they were celebratory. I checked my midterm grades last night & am proud to report that I received TWO A's for my classes!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! :D I couldn't have been happier!!!! This meant that my brain fog was no longer hindering my ability to succeed in school. **giggle overload** To celebrate, I woke up this morning & began marinating my chicken thighs. Waiting for an hour was pure torture. An easy microwaved egg with a smidgen of butter seemed to hold me over for the time being. I removed the thighs from the fridge, took off the lid to place them on the broil pan, & BAM! The lemony, garlic-y, salty, peppery marinade smacked me like a ton of bricks. The SCD-friendly dressing I used was none other than the incredibly scrumptious Tessemae's . Delish!!!! In addition to that, I sprinkled in some salt & pepper for texture. That's everything, foodies! My recipe for gourmet chicken thighs. Simple & satisfying. The last step is placing them in the oven on low broil for about 18 minutes, 9 minutes per side. :) Be prepared to share although we both know that's tough to do when it comes to chicken thighs...  

Now I'm off to make a cheesecake. Even though I've been 100% sugar-free (no honey or bananas or pears) for about 2 weeks now due to some evidence of insulin resistance, I feel comfortable with having a teeny tiny piece of lemon cheesecake. Just a little itty bitty square. :D The rest shall be split between my parents. I'm not looking to have yet another horrible reaction to sugar!!! 

Stay hungry, foodies. Look out for a special Halloween post within the next few days!!!! :) 
xoxox, Allie 

p.s. if you've emailed me & I have not replied, please forgive me!! I'm working hard to balance school with my path to wellness (aka the SCD support group, all the cooking, & my beloved SCD blog)

OH! And please check out my poll if you wouldn't mind. I'm trying to collect some data. :)

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