Monday, August 31, 2015


Bee happy
Bee optimistic
Bee silly
Bee carefree
Bee giggly
Bee playful.
Bee emotional
Bee messy
Bee creative
Bee artistic
Bee imaginative
Bee active.
Bee inspired.
Bee motivated
Bee determined
Bee tough
Bee strong
Bee committed.
Bee adventurous.
Bee daring
Bee curious
Bee outgoing
Bee confident.
Bee brave.
Bee calm
Bee hopeful
Bee alive.
Bee ambitious
Bee busy
Bee cheerful
Bee childlike
Bee affectionate
Bee delightful
Bee enthusiastic
Bee fearless
Bee fierce.
Bee joyful
Bee kind
Bee kindhearted
Bee organic
Bee natural
Bee raw
Bee grateful
Bee appreciative
Bee wild.
Bee well.
Bee healthy.  
It's been a month since we last spoke. 
This seems to be happening quite often, doesn't it? ;) 
I promise you that once I get another break from school, 
you will see more posts from me. 
 I wanted to send you all this message before August comes to a close. 
I saw this little bumble bee the other morning, and he passed along some of 
his 'bee'-utiful wisdom to me. 
My goal? My goal is to just BEE. I don't want to overthink things, 
or stress myself out about trying to be well. 
[That's easier said than done, I know... 
But, we can try.]
I just want to take things one day at a time, and just BEE
I don't want worrying about healing from these diseases 
to consume 100% of my thoughts. 
"I want to bee a busy bee, thinking about other bee-utiful things." 
And...I would love it if you guys did the same. 
Until next time, 
BEE happy, BEE tough, BEE YOU. 
Allie/Souper Douper SCDer

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