Friday, July 31, 2015

über busy being HAPPY and in LOVE

GAH! Sorry for the HUMONGOUS spaces in between my posts. I've been SO, SUPER, über busy with keeping myself distracted from my body. What does the trick, you ask? LOVE and HAPPINESS.
*My soulmate, and my partner in my fight against Chronic Lyme Disease.* 
I didn't want July to go by without a post, so I'm just sticking this one in before it strikes midnight!!!
My message to you on this lovely last-day-of-July evening? 
Don't let these nasty diseases keep you from smiling. Take it from me; letting these illnesses win is the LAST thing that you want to do. 
Fight through the tears, push through the pain, look for the light in your darkest of moments... and find it within your soul to let a SMILE shine on your beautiful face.
Love and healing vibes to each of my friends fighting an invisible disease, or multiple diseases. We're in this fight together. 

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