Tuesday, July 8, 2014

H2O is more important than you know!

Hmm. It seems like once you start, you can't stop. 
You can't think about anything else.
You find yourself coming back for more. 
At this point, you are officially HOOKED.
What in the world am I talking about?! 
Once you get back on the wagon, you immediately remember why you loved it so much in the first place!!
Where am I going with this? 
I've got something exciting to tell you!  
SO, here it is. 
☞"Let's talk about WATER!!!!!"
No, I'm not talking about ocean water. (SHOOOOOT!! Now I've done it. My craving for sandy beaches and saltwater is gnawing at me...)
Really? Seriously? -___- No, I'm not talking about the water in fish tanks either. (BIG dang fish in this tank in particular. WHOAAAAA.) 
I'm talking about the water we DRINK!!!!!!
See that handy-dandy blue book in the middle there? 
Yes, that's the one: "Your Body's Many Cries For Water".
*you can watch a YouTube video of the doctor himself if you click on the link directly above* 
Never heard of it before? Have it down in the basement tucked away with all the other odds and ends that you haven't even glanced at for ten years? Thinking it's probably covered in cob webs by now because you thought the book sounded like a soap opera for biology majors?
Can you feel my intensity?
Are you shaking in your boots?
I hope you can!
I hope you are! 
I want you to read this book!!! If you're hesitant, watch the video. 
I GUARANTEE you'll be hopping over to your local bookstore or surfing Amazon for this gem the minute that video comes to an end. 
This book will change your life. 
Water is SOOOOOOOO crucial for our well-being.
I don't think people realize how important water is to our survival. I have to thank my darling boyfriend for helping me drink more water since he seems to have "it" down ("it" being taking in the right amount of water EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!).   
I think people are more concerned with the whereabouts of their iPhone or their hair straightener than of their precious water bottle they should be attached to. 
I watched plenty of "shoot 'em up", desert, cowboy, cactus, emptiness on the horizon, Clint Eastwood movies growing up. I KNOW that a person (usually a cowboy) can go without food for much longer than they can go without water. It's the truth, I tell ya! (And no, I'm not basing my claim solely on cowboys in movies from the 60s/70s...) I'm well-versed in Cowboy Survival Tools 101 (DUH). 
I bet you're thirsty right now.
Aaaaand you probably don't even FEEL thirsty because your body has shut off the "signal"! 
I'm going to take a chance and say you probably have not had a sip of water in hours. 
I would be willing to assume that you did not meet your H2O quota for the day.
I think it's safe to say you...
Give your body what it craves!!!!
Everything in your body needs water.
WE as a species need water to survive. 
Without water, there is no life. 
That really puts it into perspective, doesn't it???
Here's what I'm talking about. 
You can be certain that your body is CRYING for water when...

  • Your precious body starts unmasking wounds from this vicious fight for more water (dehydration negatively affects the brain, the mouth, the heart, the bloodstream, the limbs, the skin, and the kidneys).
*you can read more about how these organs are affected here if you'd like*
  • You experience symptoms of arthritis and lower back pain.
  • You find yourself suffering from excruciating headaches aka MIGRAINES. 
  • You have asthmatic symptoms. 
  • Your colitis pain is really throbbing.
  • You are struggling with obesity. 
  • You hear the words "adult-onset diabetes" come from your doctor. 
  • Your heart is on fire aka HEARTBURN. 
  • You have angina. 
  • You suspect hypertension. 
  • Your cholesterol reaches beyond the stars.
*I came across this useful information on a wonderful site that you can access if you click here! Thank you for educating us on the dangers of dehydration, Kristen Holmberg!!!!* 
What the HECK is my point here?!
Water is essential if we want to heal our body.
We CANNOT heal without proper hydration.
End of story!
If you're like me and you have a leaky gut, you probably shy away from water.
Better yet, you are probably convinced that you're related to camels because you can go SO long without water!! Your body is all puffed up and full of it anyway, right? ;) 
Yes, I know how you feel. 
I've got camel DNA, too!! :P 
BUT, we have to silence our insecurities about blowing up like a puffer fish and DRINK MORE WATER.
If we're all worried about getting humongous because of our leaky guts, then we need to heal our gut! 
That's when chicken soup comes in. 
Drink drink drink!!! 
So, I think the recipe for success looks a little bit like this. 

  1. DRINK your weight in soup
  2. HEAL your gut
  3. SEAL up the holes in your leaky tummy
  4. HYDRATE hydrate hydrate!!!!!
I think we can do it, don't you?
Make a game out of it. 
Turn it into a contest with your best friend, your parent, or your significant other. 
Whoever drinks more water by the end of the day gets to pick the film for the next movie night! 
Or maybe the winner gets to take a nice, hot salt bath with calming music playing in the background. 
Whatever the prize might be, focus on the goals! 
Until next time, let me know how your quest for proper hydration works out!!!! 
Lots and lots of love, 
(P.S. I am NOT a doctor or anyone with a medical license. The stuff on the negative effects of dehydration I posted here was useful information I stumbled upon that I thought might be helpful to others. Please just take this as it is: a helping hand. If you are concerned after reading this/you think this is your problem, don't hesitate to follow up with your physician.) 

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