Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The fruit that kills (and I mean that in a GOOD way!!)

The special Lyme-killing ingredient? That last one- Organic Mangosteen. 

Remember when I said I was going to tell you about new ways to treat Lyme Disease? 
Well...THIS IS IT!! 
NO, I'm not talking about an exotic herb that can only be found in Madagascar. 
No, you will not have to travel halfway around the world for it. 
NO, I'm not talking about having to go on an 'Indiana Jones' type of quest to retrieve it. 
NO, you will not have to run FIFTY miles, jump rope for SIXTEEN hours, swim from here to the BAHAMAS, or eat twenty pounds of FRIED CRICKETS
All you need to do is order this book!! 
In the meantime however, I'll fill you in on some of the magic within this gem (one treatment in particular). 
Once you've become comfortable with the treatments outlined in this book, you'll be killing bugs by the thousands. *evil laughter in the background*
The first thing you can do?
This is so easy and DELICIOUS that I want to giggle! 
Go out & BUY A KEVITA DRINK- the Blueberry Cherry one. 
"Why should I go out & buy such a treat of a drink to kill bugs?"
Seems a lot like an oxymoron right? A tasty drink that kills Lyme... Okay, sure buddy... Let's be honest & say that's probably the question on the tip of your tongue right now.
I want you to buy this drink because it contains... 
Aaaand now you're probably drawing a blank. 
"What the HECK is mangosteen?!"
I'm SO glad you asked!!! Mangosteen is a fruit! 
This book tells us that mangosteen (ready for this craziness??) acts as an ANTIBIOTIC against Lyme Disease!! 
Can you believe that?! 
An antibiotic without a pharmaceutical affiliation. 
I'm sure you're all thinking..."BLASPHEMY!!!"
No, I'm actually quite serious! 
This little potent fruit has the power to kill bacteria. 
Yes, I'm telling you there is a fruit out there that KILLS LYME BUGS. 
If you buy these drinks, you'll probably be consuming a small amount of mangosteen. 
If you buy straight-up mangosteen juice, it would be smart to start low & slow with the dosage. If the juice is going to kill bacteria, then it's most-likely going to cause a severe herx reaction/wicked die-off. 
Trust me when I say, "Listen to your body; slow and steady wins the race."
There is no reason for you to go home tonight, order a bottle of mangosteen, wave your magic wand for it to be shipped overnight, then drink half the bottle for breakfast.
(Don't be like meeeeee!!!)  
I know you want to be well this very instant but the nature of this ugly beast is the time it takes to tame it. 
You have to just let the treatments take their course, do their thang, & kill the bugs in an orderly fashion (not all one hundred billion zillion of them in one night!). 
You could even try to keep a diary of your symptoms so you can keep track of how this affects you. 
If you drink too much & it derails you, back off a little & try starting with a lower dose. 
Now, as the title clearly says, there are ten highly-noted Lyme treatments within this book. I've only JUST begun to explore the lot of them but since I'm already MADLY in love with mangosteen, I figured I'd start off by introducing you to it & I'll tell you more about the rest as I continue to make my way through this magical text.   
Now that you've placed an order for mangosteen juice or you've made a trip to your local Whole Foods to buy a Blueberry Cherry Kevita drink or you've ordered this heaven-sent book, it's time for you...
to take a SALT BATH!!!!!!!! 
I mean that in the nicest way possible. ;) 
Go get your butt in the tub, relax, sweat a whole bunch, & kill some bugs. 
Oh, & while you're soaking in that luxurious magnesium bath, you can daydream about mangosteen & that magical moment the box of it shows up on your front doorstep! 
Hear me & my giggles when I say, 
"Lyme treatment can be bubbly, fun, & DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lots and LOTS and LOTSSSS of love & healing vibes until next week's post, 

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