Monday, June 4, 2012

Yoga Daze

G o o d days. 
Bad days.
H a p p y days.
Sad days.
S u n n y days.
Cloudy days.
W i n d y days.
Calm days. 
L a z y days.
Busy days.
C o o l days.
Hot days.
G r e a t days.


  1. wow what a beautiful yoga pose! it looks so refreshing to be outside!

  2. wow the place looks beautiful..whre is it?

  3. Thank you! :) I've come a long way with it! And yes, it was extremely refreshing to be outside! A great place for yoga!

    Vjay- A lake by my house!! :) Isn't it just gorgeous? I didn't feel very well on Tuesday which is why I was unable to make it to class. I struggled with class yesterday, too! Today I went in the morning because I work till late tonight so I won't see you! :/ But I think I'm going on Saturday in the early morning. Maybe I'll see you then? Or next Tuesday I guess! :)

  4. ya that's really looking gr8...may be i should visit that place once...
    Even i couldn't do well on the last Tuesdays class..dunno may be because of summer...

    I wont be here for this weekend i guess most prob i will go to NJ ..i will see u on Tuesday then...take care