Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Must Be Dreaming

Ground pork with organic fresh-pressed garlic & organic ground black pepper. Throw them onto a grill pan & you'll have some irresistible pork meatballs in no time! :)  

Can someone pinch me please? I need to see if this is real

Sauteed mushrooms! :) I used a little ghee to grease the pan.
Huh. Nothin'. So tell me then: is this real? 

Zucchini pasta. Plain & simple. Positively delish. :) 
 It is? Are you sure? I know these photos are a bit of a distraction but please try your best to focus. 

Zucchini pasta with steamed shrimp & basil pesto (the pesto recipe is in the "Presto Pesto" post). :D
Alright, alright. I believe you... I guess. Try to put yourself in my shoes for a moment. If you woke up one morning to discover that you were able to tolerate ripe bananas after MANY fruitless months, wouldn't you need a reality check? I mean, seriously!!!! Breakthroughs of this magnitude don't happen very often! :) 

I'm having difficulty readjusting to a fruitful life. A ripe banana everyday? How can this be??? It's inconceivable! 

As if that wasn't enough excitement, I'm almost finished with school. Only a few class days left! Then I'll be ready to kick back, relax, & make numerous batches of banana ice cream! Oh, & run off to Colorado & Oregon this summer. No big deal... 

Despite all this good news, I cannot let it get me off track. I have to keep myself together until exams are over with. As much as I'd like to just sit around & giggle, I have lots of important stuff to do!!!! An english paper; a sociology paper; research on Naked juices; hot yoga; responses to comments on the SCD support page; be happy! I think that just about covers it. 

I better get to work. Until next time, try cooking up one of the dishes I've photographed above. They're unbelievably easy to make & very gentle on the gut. Be sure to cook the mushrooms & zucchini to MUSH!!!! Easy in, easy through, easy out. :) 

Lots of love & healthy cooking, 

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