Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy One-Year Anniversary on the SCD!

Happy One-year anniversary following the
Specific Carbohydrate Diet!!!!!!!!

I made it a whole year without... 
Ice cream; cookies (girl scout, to be specific)
potato chipschewing gumwhipped cream; peppermint patties
junior mintsm&m's; raisins
lunch meats; salad; raw nuts; ketchup
french fries; sour cream
hot sauce; baked beans; refried beans
chocolate; cantaloupe; 
sweet potatoes; chicken nuggets
fish sticks; falafel; tortillas; brownies; cake
granola bars; cereal; dried fruits; 
coconut; peas; lima beans; avocados; apples; 
snickers, three musketeers; butterfingers
reese's pieces; tomatoes; onions; burritos; hummus; chocolate syrup
cinnamon rolls
bagels; bread; crackers; pizza; pasta
soda; baked potatoes; pudding; 
onion rings; lasagna; ravioli; chocolate chips;
orange juice; pickles; cocktail sauce
tartar sauce; pineapple
croissants; biscuits; home-fries
chocolate-covered espresso beans;
biscotti; pretzels; 
scones; muffinsdonuts
maple syrup; cheetos; fritos; durritos (hehe)
cupcakes; macaroni & cheese; pop tarts; 
baked potatoes; chipotle's; gelato
italian ice; refined sugar; sushi; quiche;
croutons; pastries; goldfish
wheat thins; french toast; pringles;
trail mix; lemonade; jelly; pancakes; waffles; smarties; starbursts;
popsicles; fudge; banana peppers
pepperoni; grilled cheese; 
mozzarella sticks; fried chicken
sprinkles; frosting
lifesavers; tic-tacs; sandwiches; cake pops; rice krispie treats; klondike bars;
cheesecake; pie; cannoli; hershey kisses; reese's peanut butter cups; hamburger buns; hotdog buns; rice; alcoholStarbucks frappuccinos
chocolate-covered peanuts; 
chocolate-covered malt balls; nerds candy
twizzlers; DQ; cotton candy...
Did I leave anything out? Now to be honest, I didn't consume a majority of these foods even before I started the SCD. I've been gluten-free since I was 14 years old. As for the rest of these foods, I don't find myself craving them anymore. I have speed-bumps on a super restricted diet. Why on earth would I consciously choose to wreak havoc on my system?? I don't think so! Nowadays, I look forward to eating a baked wild-caught fish fillet with lemon juice & pink himalayan sea salt or sauteed wild-caught scallops with mushrooms. A real treat for me is a bowl of banana ice cream or a serving of zucchini pasta with steamed wild-caught shrimp. I've embraced the changes in my life & have no intention of turning back. :)        

I know this may sound cliche but none of this would have been possible without my new friends & family. I'd like you to meet some of those incredible people; they're from the SCD Support Group I'm admin for.  

Fantastic Apple Applegate-King (& her awesome husband) :) 

Adorable Amber Gerard!! :D 

Amazing Heidrun Schaller!!! :)  

Lovely Natalie Darden (& loving children) :) 

Wonderful Kyli Wolfson (& her loving fiance Dustin!) :) 

Stunning Emily Butler :)

Smashing Reid Kimball :D 

Incredible Tiffany Shipley-Reilly! :) 
Fabulous Rebecca & Rachael Miller (mom & daughter! :)) 
Gorgeous Alexandra Gomez (not pictured: her darling mom Jenny Gomez :))
This does not come close to capturing the number of people on the page (almost 600 total!) but it's a start. I cannot thank you enough! :) I would not have made it this far without your support. I love you with all my heart & will keep you close to me forever. <3
I sit here & wonder what the next year has in store for me. I know I don't have to worry about facing a speed-bump alone. I know I don't have to worry about going without! ;) I have you guys to turn to & that makes all the difference. I know I can hold a job someday, have a family, & live a great life thanks to the SCD & my fellow SCDers. It's been a tough road but I've learned a lot about myself & my body. Every tear was shed for a reason. Every giggle was giggled with a purpose. I know this is just the beginning. Thanks for joining me on this journey to great health. Now I'm off to have a fabulous day! 

Hugs, Allie xoxox


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