Monday, February 6, 2012

Giants or Patriots?

Let's just say the Super Bowl isn't the only event worth noting from Sunday night. Dad & I really cooked up a storm yesterday! :) (Sorry you couldn't be here, mom!) We indulged in some grilled masterpieces to celebrate the football throw-down: lobster, scallops, & chicken thighs. All it took was a little ghee, a spoonful of turmeric (you know I can't have chicken without it!), a dash of salt, a sprinkle of pepper, & a squeeze of lemon to bring everything together. Steamed cauliflower was our dish to lighten things up a bit. Absolutely scrumptious!!!!!! The fact that the Giants won really sealed the deal, making it a wonderful conclusion to my weekend. What did you guys cook up, anything fancy schmancy?

Now that the hullabaloo over football is in the past, it's time to move onto bigger & better things!!!! For example, my most recent desire to make homemade almond milk! :) Anyone out there have any experience with it? I would absolutely LOVE to have something to add to my coffee on the rare occasion that I choose to drink a cup! :) Drinkin' it black isn't working for me... 

In other news, I'm sad to say this but I think peanut butter is my enemy. Ever since I introduced it, inflammation has been knocking down my door & it refuses to GO AWAY! The only thing that could possibly be inviting such horrendous inflammation is that creamy addictive snack. Darn it. I've always hated goodbyes... 

Welp, I do believe it's time to take my turmeric shot! Oopsies, let me explain. Time for me to choke down my glass of water tainted by 35 drops of liquid turmeric. It's NOT an easy task, take my word for it. 

But before I go, I have to fill you in on my latest project. It's my newest weapon against evil. Although, it does involve some homework: 1) smile everyday, 2) say something positive about my life, 3) remember to reach out for help when necessary, & 4) don't be afraid to cry. What do you think, good idea? 

Until next time, cook something special. And if you're going through a rough patch, DO NOT give up. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs!!!! <3 

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  1. hi allie - just found your blog and i'm finding it really helpful! i'm just starting the scd diet myself, almost at week 2 past the intro.
    i love making almond milk and it's really easy!
    here's how i do it:
    soak 1 c almonds overnight
    next morning toss in a blender with 4 c water, blend until it's as blended as it's going to be(about 1 minute, depends on your blender), then strain. i use a nut milk bag, but you can use cheesecloth too.
    experiment with amounts- i know some people use 2 cups of almond for 4 cups of water, but i find it too rich (and the one i make is still rich!)
    you can also add a couple dates if you want more sweetness.
    also, there's all kinds of recipes floating around of things you can make with the leftover pulp.
    it is really really good. good luck!