Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follow the RAW or You'll be Sorry!!

Good evening, bloggers!

This is it!  This is the start of something wonderful: heavily seasoned with love, gently rolled in excitement, quickly sprinkled with imagination, & gracefully drizzled with possibilities.  

My hope for this blog is to creatively encourage others to embrace all foods under the sun & unveil their medicinal properties through healthy raw concoctions.  It will be a tough journey for some of you, perhaps many of you.  I will not deny that.  Although, I must tell you it's worth every second!!  While my intentions are to focus on raw culinary delights, I will also be including recipes that require cooking for those of you who don't have to go 100% raw to achieve optimum health.  

I'm unfamiliar with blogging but I'm definitely an expert when it comes to living on a restricted diet, turning bizarre foods into tasty treats, & never letting a single food allergy hold me back!!!  I hope you all are ready to join me on this extremely fulfilling adventure in the kitchen!!  To be continued...    


  1. woohoo! I look forward to this blog 100%!!!! cant wait to crack into those recipes

  2. :) Thanks Sara!!!!!! I'll be posting a picture of my breakfast & its ingredients real soon!!!! LOVE YA! <3